Randophonic Episode March 25, 2018

03. reSEARCH - courage + yarbles

1:00am - 1:52am

#3 of 49 mixes, each forty-nine minutes long. No particular artist, no particular theme, no particular agenda beyond boldly going … who knows? Or as Werner Von Braun once put it, "Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."

Track Listing:

MOW intro
Randophonic · x
Boards of Canada
Geodaddi · geodaddi
Amorphous Androgynous · Tales of Ephidrina
narrow excerpt
Pink Floyd · Ummagumma
books of moses
Skip Spence · Oar
visions of Johanna (live)
Bob Dylan · Biograph
Jon Hassell · dream theory in Malaya
Randophonic · x
to nkroachment
The Fall · our nation's saving grace
all planets
Beans · inner cosmosis
he's simple he's dumb
Grandaddy · the software slump
Bron Y Aur
Led Zeppelin · Physical Graffiti