Randophonic Episode February 3, 2018

Simple + Bad

11:03pm - 2:01am

A rerun of a program that didn't really have a plan, ended up covering all manner of ground ... including a pile of Badfinger + Simple Minds

Track Listing:

Randophonic · x
her fantasy
Matthew Dear · dears
clubs in Europe forever
Ropes · x
theme for great cities
Simple Minds · Sons + Fascination
break 1
Randophonic · x
Simple Minds · empires + dance
valo tihkuu kaiken lapi
Paavoharju · x
Fiery Furnaces · bitter tea
don't f***ing tell me what to do
Robyn · x
Lord knows
Dum Dum Girls · end of daze
break 2
Randophonic · x
Cherry Ghost · thirst for romance
shark ridden waters
Gruf Rhys · x
is it alright
Mikal Cronin · x
mon amour
Dungen · tio bitar
break 3
Randophonic · x
Wall of Voodoo · call of the west
first light
My Morning Jacket · circuital
born in Ontario
Neil Young · psychedelic pill
carry on till tomorrow
Badfinger · Magic Christian Music
break 4
Randophonic · x
take it all
Badfinger · straight up
name of the game
Badfinger · straight up
Badfinger · straight up
Badfinger · wish you were here
we're for the dark
Badfinger · no dice
Citr station biz · x
break 5
Randophonic · x
baby blue
Badfinger · single
ground hog
Chilliwack · single
taking the farm
War on Drugs · wagonwheel blues
rulers ruling things
Midlake · courage of others
strange wave
Heavy Hometown · action figures
break 6
Randophonic · x
Simple Minds · real to real
30 frames a second
Simple Minds · empires + dance
sons & fascination
Simple Minds · sons & fascination
the earth you walk upon
Simple Minds · sons & fascination
elephant jam
LSD49 · x
escape velocity
Randophonic · x