Randophonic Episode February 25, 2017

30. Solid Time of Change

11:01pm - 12:59am

Installment #30 of The Solid Time of Change (aka the 661 greatest records of the so-called Prog Rock era) Randophonic's overlong yet incomplete history of whatever the hell happened between 1965 and 1979, not in all music, not even in most of it, but definitely in a bunch of it.

Track Listing:

in two in two - edit
Blue Hawaii · x
lose it - edit
Austra · x
let's never meet
Bike for Three · x
Solid Time Begin
Randophonic · x
sky high
Manfred Mann's Earth Band · the good earth
Manfred Mann's Earth Band · solar fire
break #1
Randophonic · x
if there is something
Roxy Music · Viva
celebration [of ghosts]
PFM · photos of ghosts
break #2
Randophonic · x
Fool's Overture
Supertramp · even in the quietest moments
For Richard
Caravan · if I could do it again ...
break #3
Randophonic · x
disruption in world communications
Synergy · cords
Kraftwerk · autobahn
break #4
Randophonic · x
journey of the sorcerer
Eagles · one of these nights
the same old rock
Roy Harper · stormcock
break #5
Randophonic · x