Randophonic Episode September 10, 2016

15. Solid Time of Change

11:02pm - 1:00am

Installment #15 of The Solid Time of Change (aka the 661 greatest records of the so-called Prog Rock era) Randophonic's overlong yet incomplete history of whatever the hell happened between 1965 and 1979, not in all music, not even in most of it, but definitely in a bunch of it.

Track Listing:

Randophonic · x
playboy - edit
Candy Coated Killahz · x
apotemnophilia - edit
Dandi Wind · x
in kind - edit
Braids · x
Solid time begin
Randophonic · x
living in the past
Jethro Tull · single
see my way
Blodwyn Pig · ahead rings out
break #1
Randophonic · x
down by the sea
Strawbs · bursting at the seams
wheels of confusion
Black Sabbath · Vol. 4
break #2
Randophonic · x
Suspiria title theme
Goblin · Suspiria
sol caliente
Quiet Sun · mainstream
bargain classics
Quiet Sun · mainstream
break #3
Randophonic · x
monkey chant
Jade Warrior · floating world
night flight
Pentangle · single
break #4
Randophonic · x
Gentle Giant · think of me with kindness
Gentle Giant · advent of Panurge
riding the scree
Genesis · Lamb lies down on Broadway
loud loud loud
Aphrodite's Child · 666
Aphroodite's Child · 666
break #5
Randophonic · x
Neil Diamond · Jonathon Livingston Seagull
Grantchester Meadows
Pink Floyd · ummagumma
several species of small furry animals ...
Pink Floyd · ummagumma
Solid Time outro
Randophonic · x