Randophonic Episode May 14, 2016

Solid Time of Change #2

11:02pm - 1:00am

Installment #2 of The Solid Time of Change (aka the 661 Greatest Records of the so-called Prog Rock era), Randophonic's overlong yet incomplete history of some of the wildest years music has ever had: 1965-1979 (but mostly the middle part, 1969-74).

Track Listing:

Randophonic · x
the mouse police never sleeps
Jethro Tull · heavy horses
acres wild
Jethro Tull · heavy horses
break #1
Randophonic · x
song for everyone
Gentle Giant · Octopus
Barclay James Harvest · Mayday
break #2
Randophonic · x
deep in the motherlode
Genesis · and then there were three
give me the good earth
Manfred Mann's Earth Band · the good earth
earth the circle [1+2]
Manfred Mann's Earth Band · solar fire
break #3
Randophonic · x
the land of grey and pink
Caravan · the land of grey and pink
you have it all
John Miles · rebel
the mountain
PFM · the world became the world
break #4
Randophonic · x
the lord's prayer
Roy Harper · lifemask
break #5
Randophonic · x
Spain yes, Franco finished
Embryo · rache
MOW intro
Randophonic · x
MOW - from a four cornered room
War · x
MOW - outro
Randophonic · x