Radio Zero Episode June 17, 2016

Cam's big day at the dentist

2:06pm - 3:36pm

Cam's mouth is unfreezing as we play. Tracks from Aquarian foundation, oppenheimer analysis, Tony Carey, and some weird old minimal synth.

Track Listing:

Planet of discipline (trance)
Aquarian Foundation · Planet of discipline
DEvil's Dancers
Oppenheimer Analysis · New Mexico
I'm looking for you
Ghibli · I'm looking for you
Train To Nowhere
Tony Carey · Yellow Power EP
Phantom Pain
Bill Converse · Meditations/industry
Smothered hope
Skinny Puppy · Skinny Puppy
Hashman Deejay · Sandopolis
Cosmic Melody
Constellation Orchestra · Perfect Love Affair
Disco City
MTL Express · ULP03
Dancing Free
Hot Ice · Hot Ice no.1
Monkey Star
Arpadys · Cosmic Machine the sequel
unordinary realities
Transllusion · transllusion
hello world
khotin · hello world
klein & MBO · i robots
that's the game
wet · that's the game
jump over barrels
crash course in science · jump over barrels
I O Gat
frak · sudden haircut