Radio Zero Episode December 18, 2015

December 18 2015

2:07pm - 3:31pm

TYLER MAKES IT BACK TO THE STUDIO!! CD & TF reunion and last show of 2015.

Track Listing:

Marinara trench
zoovox · great cats and weak dogs
ho on down to petland (massimiliano pagliara remix)
arthur russell · .
you don't know my lightcycle
inoue shirabe · you don't know my lightycycle
Alvin aronson · city EP
Savage Coast
DJ Richard · Grind
Killer Nighter
Morgan Hammer · heavy nighter
weirshit xu paelk (ft. simple symmetry)_
Lipelis · lipelis edits
only U
justin vandervoglen · .
Latino Sexchange
Cowboy Rhythmbox · PH48
Ja Ja Ja
Mike Simonetti · Bossa Nova Civic Club
the beginning
LEvon Vincent · levon vincent
Plastica Razionale
The mystic Jungle Tribe · Solaria
every sunday
crazy gang · .
tones on tail · .
slang teacher
wide boy awake · .
for you
ago · .
peace of mind
claro intelecto · .