Radio Zero Episode April 3, 2009

Broadcast on 03-Apr-2009

2:00pm - 3:30pm

Artist, album title, Song,

lola, world of arthur russel, wax the van
cfcf, permanent vacation records (advance), big love
glossy, payama, payama
lindstrom & solale, baby I can't stop, baby I can't stop (aeroplane remix)
pony hoax, antibodies EP, antibodies
escape from new york, save our love, save our love (instrumental version)
lifelike, sequencer, sequencer
animal collective, bootlegs, my girls (cosmic kids edit),
oscar g, chunky buddha, original mix
kelley polar, entropy reigns, pearson & usher's second law dynamix,
first touch, first touch, night groovin,
hedford vashal, toys, toys,
aural yaw, rvng of the nrds vol. 8, send,
captain hands, dispel disco, dispel disco,
the delicate genius, myspace, mz honda bassline
royksopp, happy up here, breakbot remix,
jacno, eli et jacno, triangle,
jeremy jay, love everlasting, lite beam,
jeremy jay, a place where we can go, til we meet again,

Track Listing:

wax the van
lola · world of arthur russel
big love
cfcf · permanent vacation records (advance)
glossy · payama
baby I can't stop (aeroplane remix)
lindstrom & solale · baby I can't stop
pony hoax · antibodies EP
save our love (instrumental version)
escape from new york · save our love
lifelike · sequencer
my girls (cosmic kids edit)
animal collective · bootlegs
original mix
oscar g · chunky buddha
pearson & usher's second law dynamix
kelley polar · entropy reigns
night groovin
first touch · first touch
digit 3
mock and toof · digits
hedford vashal · toys
aural yaw · rvng of the nrds vol. 8
dispel disco
captain hands · dispel disco
mz honda bassline 160
the delicate genius · myspace
breakbot remix
royksopp · happy up here
jacno · eli et jacno
lite beam
jeremy jay · love everlasting
til we meet again
jeremy jay · a place where we can go