Radio Freethinker Episode September 8, 2015

Radio Free Thinker - The Alan Kurdi Edition 08-Sep-2015

3:00am - 4:01am

RFT - Ep 309 - Syrian Refugee crisis, Alan Kurdi and Web Wisdom Quickies Radio Free Thinker - The Alan Kurdi Edition

This Week?s:

- Alan Kurdi, Syrian Refugees and the awakening

Web Wisdom Quickies:
- Why does ice float
- Why Does Beer Make You Pee
- Does Alcohol Really Keep You Warm
- Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells
- Do Fish Drink Water
- Why Isn?t -Zero G- the Same as -Zero Gravity
- Why does Saturn have rings
- Why do we have seasons
- Why Do Stars Twinkle
- Why Do Leaves Change Color and Fall
- Why Does Your Breath Stink in the Morning
- Why Do People Go Bald
- Why Do Birds Have White And Dark Meat (And Do We)
- What are Blood Types
- Do Plants Get Cancer
- Why Is Only Half of My Nose Working
- Why Do Things Look Darker When They?re Wet
- Why Do Things Fade in the Sun
- Why Do Atoms Bond
- How Many Colors Can We See, and
- How Do Rainbows From

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