Radio Freethinker Episode February 17, 2015

RFT - Ep 285 – Anti-Anti-Vax Web Attack Edition 17-Feb-2015

3:00am - 4:00am

RFT - Ep 285 – Anti-Anti-Vax Web Attack Edition

This week i share one of favorite pod cast Best of the Left and there resent show about the reaction to the Disney Measles Epidemic...the Best of the Left is, like my web wisdom shows, a compilation of the best from online media, this show takes bits from:

- Vaccines Don't Cause Autism : Healthcare Triage #12
- On the Anti-Vax Non-troversy : onthemedia
- Anti-vaxxer Californians start a new measles outbreak at Disneyland : TWiB nation
- Myth: Vaccine Deniers Are All Hippie Liberals : david pakman show
- Vaccines: How to Avoid Killing and Maiming Children : Mark Fiore's Animation
- Fighting the Anti-Vaxxer Movement with Voices4Vaccines
- Vaccines are for the Public Good : Thom_Hartmann

And a bonus...

- Measles Parties Are Not A Thing! - DNews
- Just Surf the Net - melodysheep (AKA Symphony of Science)

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