Radio Freethinker Episode February 10, 2015

RFT - Ep 284 – Sins of the Harper Edition 10-Feb-2015

3:00am - 4:03am

RFT - Ep 284 – Sins of the Harper Edition

This week things to remember in the lead up to the 2015 Election:

Defunding Veterans affairs
Lack of support for Vets
Stealth cuts via unspent budgets
Victimizing Criminals
Destabilizing Victim support funding
Harper's Enemies list
Attack on the AG, PBO and Chief Justice
Destroy political independence arms length agencies
War on Sex workers
Disdain for Social Science/Indigenous Issues
In-and-Out Scandal
Robo-call scandal
Senate Scandal
The Duffy Affair
Contempt of Parliament
Defunding Food Safety
Radical cuts to government departments
Un-Fair elections act
and so much more.