Radio Freethinker Episode November 25, 2014

RFT - Ep 275 –Mess in Mesopotamian Edition 25-Nov-2014

3:03am - 4:03am

RFT - Ep 275 – Mess in Mesopotamian Edition

This week an attempted rant about how the legal system in Canada will allow a little girl to die because she is native.

Urged by a loyal listener, we do an in-depth look at the History of Iraq...from the dawn of civilization till now. We will answer the questions, did Saddam have WMDs, did Bush lie the US into war...and my own pet theory about how a war in the 70 lead to the current quagmire.

Also, some web wisdom from Glen Greenwald about why it is still important to protect your privacy even if "you have nothing to hide"..

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