Radio Freethinker Episode October 21, 2014

RFT - Ep 270 - Islamophobia Edition 21-Oct-2014

3:06am - 4:06am

Radio Free Thinkers - Islamophobia Edition

This week we are joined by host emeritus Ethan Clow.

In the light of a recent dust up between Ben Affleck and Sam Harris/Bill Maher…about whether criticism of Islam equals islamaphobia…whether liberals should stop being hypocritical about social ills perpetrated by Muslims…

Well, we take a skeptical look at whether or not Islam is the most violent or worst mass religion ever…or at least currently…is it true that any criticism of Islam equated to islamaphobia…are liberals NOT criticizing Muslims for social ills like women’s rights?

Lastly, we take direct aim at Sam Harris and just what is his problem…