Radio Freethinker Episode September 30, 2014

Radio Free Thinkers - Ig Nobel 2014 Edition 31-Sep-2014

3:35am - 4:36am

Radio Free Thinkers - Ig Nobel 2014 Edition

This week a look at some of the Ig Nobel Awards...
- neuroscience prize: Seeing Jesus in toast
- mental health: Is it mentally hazardous to own a cat
- physics: Frictional Coefficient under Banana Skin
- biology: Dogs are sensitive the Earth's magnetic field
- nutrition:Infant feces used to make, really.
- aesthetic: Arts affect on pain...they use lasers!

And some web wisdom....
- Pareidolia - Why we see things not really there
- Taxoplasmosis - Is you cat dangerous to your health
- Magnetoception - 'Seeing' magnetic waves

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