Radio Freethinker Episode September 9, 2014

Radio Free Thinkers - Teachers Strike Edition 09-Sep-2014

3:00am - 4:00am

Radio Free Thinkers - Teachers Strike Edition

This week -

A rant about the Teacher’s strike…who is right? We take a skeptical is not balanced look at the issues that precipitated and prolongs the educational unrest.

Also Don rambles about how a hundred years ago the FIRST mechanized unit of the British Army was the Canadian Automobile Machine Gun Brigade…also, how on this day in 1941 Dennis Richie was born…the creator of the C programming language, perhaps the most profound moment in the history of computing…also, how in 1752 11 days were literately wiped off the calendar…

And also have some web wisdom about the evolution of the Gregorian Calendar…the role of Horses in World War One..Tim Mitchin’s The Storm and a sample of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about some sexting Geckos…