Radio Freethinker Episode September 2, 2014

Radio Free Thinkers - Shark-umantary Edition 02-Sep-2014

3:00am - 4:01am

Radio Free Thinkers - Shark-umantary Edition

A rant about mandatory surcharges for criminals…and how it harms victims of crime. A classic example of Harper’s bait-and-switch…sidestepping federal responsibility for the well being and health care of victims of crime and shifting it criminals who are unable to pay for these social service…which should be part of the social safety net.

Also, with Shark Week gone, we take a look at the decline of science documentaries as they try to compete with “Big Bang Theory” and “Big Brother”…also the mockumentaries the Discovery Channel peddles and how it has turned into tabloid “scient-ish” network…

And we take a look at a number of science facts that are actually fiction…like we only use 10% of our brains…our nails grow after death and lightning never strikes twice.

We end the show with some web wisdom about the growing dangers of drug resistance bugs thanks to our over use and misuse of antibiotics..

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