Radio Freethinker Episode August 5, 2014

Radio Free Thinkers - Canada Goes To War Edition 05-Aug-2014

3:01am - 4:01am

Radio Free Thinkers - Canada Goes To War Edition

This week an extended look at how the Great War affected Canada.

Joining me this week is host emeritus and sometimes historian Ethan Clow.

We talk about the defining battles for Canada, their role in the bigger picture of the war.

We discuss the darker side of the war when Canada interned thousand of "enemy agents" and forced tens of thousand to register...

We note how racism has changed between the two world wars, by pointing out that the vast majority of interned were actually people of Ukrainian descent.

We cover perhaps the most defining issue in Canadian history the conscription crisis of 1917 and how questionable politics pushed this bill through parliament.

We also reflect how the war placed Canada as an independent nation on the world stage.

To close the show, some web wisdom about the Conscription Crisis of 1917.

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