Radio Freethinker Episode June 17, 2014

Radio Free Thinkers - What Good is the News Edition 17-Jun-2014

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Radio Free Thinkers - What Good is the News Edition

This week more web wisdom...

A 2008 interview with the very nationalist Mel Hurtig about his book "Truths about Canada"...about how Canada has changed, very much for the worse, in the last twenty years. As a result of these profound (often hidden) changes, we are no longer the people we think we are.
Mel states that he wrote the book because we can’t do anything to fix the direction we’re drifting in unless we recognize it — and recognize The Truth About Canada.
Now this book was published in 2008 and he makes some predictions about Canada…now, 8 years on, it is surprising how these predictions fared.


Alain de Botton asks: “What is it that we’re really looking for when we watch or read the news – and is it doing us any good?”

Listen as de Botton turns his philosophical lens on The News, to examines the peculiar position it holds in our lives – and offers counsel on the precautions we should take before venturing anywhere near it and the “noise” it generates.

Lastly, how many of you have gone out and spent too much money to watch X-Men: days of future past?
I bet a number of you wish you were mutants with special powers…well it may surprise you that many of you ARE mutants and that power may have help your kind rule the world.

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