Radio Freethinker Episode May 27, 2014

Radio Free Thinkers - No Bananas Edition 27-May-2014

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Radio Free Thinkers - No Bananas Edition

This week
- Too big to jail…there seems to be two legal system, one for you and me and one for corporations (and the rich). We get put into jail, they get a fine and have go back to doing what they do.
- Fair Election Law…just days away for become the law of the land, we look and what was change and what we lost.
- Media consolidation…Canada has the highest levels of media concentration in the world, we also have the most vertically integrated media in the world. We look at how this harms society and what we can do the fix it!
- Justin and the Pope…Justin Trudeau exercises dictatorial powers to deny an anti-abortion candidate from running as a liberal, he then get threatened with excommunication for his “pro-choice” views…so, we are left wondering is religious people should be banned from public office?
- “Yes, We have no more bananas”…It is likely that with a decade our beloved proof of god, the Cavendish banana will be on the verge of extinction…how did it happen and what can be done about it? Plus, why doesn’t banana pudding taste like bananas?

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