Radio Freethinker Episode February 25, 2014

Radio Freethinker Episode 244 - Free Trade Edition - 25-Feb-2014

3:00am - 4:00am

Radio Freethinker Episode 244 - Free Trade Edition

Don’s harangue is about Terrorist, capital ‘T’ and what we learned from the Sochi Olympics

On the 25th Anniversary of CAFTA and 20th for NAFTA, we take a look at free trade and what to be looking at with the pending Trans Pacific Partnership.

As skeptics, we are often accused of being closed minded by peddlers of pseudoscience, alt-med, and believers in supernatural. To help explain why this an inverted position, we have a guest clip from QualiSoup, who does a good takedown on why proponents of Woo are really the closed minded.

We close the show with another guest clip from SciShow which talks about the topic of taboo science…are there areas or topics that should be out-of-bounds for science?

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