Radio Freethinker Episode January 14, 2014

Radio Freethinker Episode 240 - Polar Vortex Edition - 14-Jan-2014

3:01am - 4:01am

Radio Freethinker Episode 240 - Polar Vortex Edition

Don’s Rant's about the cold snap, what is a polar vortex and why this is NOT proof the climate change is bogus.

Ina new segment Moral Dilemma's, we discuss the sad case of a pregnant woman who suffered a aneurysm and is now brain dead. Now there is a legal fight between the spouse who wants to honour his dead wife's wish to not be kept alive via extraordinary means and the hospital that is legally bound to keep her on life support as long as she is pregnant.

Which is deadlier nuclear power or fossil fuel? We first examine Fukushima 1000 days later. We compare Fukushima to Chernobyl...which was worse? and finally which is actually a greater danger to the global health - nuclear power or fossil fuel.

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