Radio Freethinker Episode November 12, 2013

Radio Freethinker Episode 232 - The Poppy Wars Edition - 12-Nov-2013

3:04am - 4:03am

Radio Freethinker Episode 232 - The Poppy Wars Edition

Rob Ford has been big in the news, but when should private lives be left private for public figures?

Every Remembrance Day a battle occurs between the Red and the White poppy. Where did they come from, why are they both important and how to understand those who refuse to wear a red poppy.

We take a look at they hypocrisy of the Harper government attitude towards veterans. They are quick to exploit them for political points but when a vet needs help, there actively.

The role of bullying in professional sports. When Jonathan Martin exposed bullying in football, other players blamed and condemned the victim.

The USA looses voting rights at UNESCO after 2 years of not paying its dues because UNESCO has the audacity to ignore Israel demands and accepted Palestine as a state member. UNESCO lose 1/4 of its funding in this petty move by the USA.

Also an classic interview with Tony Sabrato on the conspiratory mind.

And we end the show with a few classics from Symphony of Science.

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