Radio Freethinker Episode April 16, 2013

Radio Freethinker Episode 207 – Digital Rights Edition - 16-Apr-2013

3:30am - 4:28am

Radio Freethinker Episode 207 – Digital Rights Edition

This week

- We talk about a spectacularly bizarre and time disturbing poll from the USA showing, for example, how many people voted Obama believe he WAS the Antichrist.

- Canada's first Parliamentary Budget Officer has recently stepped down. It is likely that his office will be "wound down" because it proved to be too embarrassing for the Harper Government. We discuss what it did, why it did it and why you should care.

- EA used Digital Rights Management (DRM) to ensure no one pirated its new SimCity game resulting in a horrible PR disaster. HBO felt proud that Game of Thrones was the most pirated TV show in history. We discuss the issue of DRM

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