Radio Freethinker Episode October 9, 2012

Radio Free Thinker Episode 184 – Free Speech Hypocrisy Edition – 09-Oct-2012

3:32am - 4:29am

Radio Free Thinker Episode 184 – Free Speech Hypocrisy Edition

This week government budget cutting comes home to roost as Canada food safety agencies fail to adequately protect our beef supply . Stats Canada is released information showing its future reports may reflect inaccuracies due to low rates of reporting from rural, minority and disadvantages communities as result of switching the census from mandatory to voluntary. Ethan takes us on a hypothetical look that potential controversy over religious accommodation in Quebec when one councillor was accused of anti-Semitism for daring to suggest city council work on the night of Yom Kippur. We discuss an article in published on which took a binary look at the recent uproar over a YouTube video, Don promotes a more nuanced response for making a distinction between hate and free speech. New research vindicates flu vaccines that had been liked to increased rates of narcolepsy in Scandinavia. Based on work done in China, it seems narcolepsy is linked with the flu and not the flu vaccine – correlation vs causation, and our review of the 2012 Ig Nobel prizes.

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