Radio Free GAK Episode July 15, 2013

XHM #175 - "Pharmaceutical colour swatch" (2013 July 15)

7:01am - 9:03am

Amidst primarily dream pop, Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd's score to Mysterious Skin gets profiled. The doctor cannot guarantee against nightmares. The summer, it flies by. Grab every sunbeam.

1. Empress Of: Don't Tell Me (Champagne 7", 2012) No Recordings
2. Lower Dens: Lion in Winter, Pt 1 (Nootropics, 2012) Ribbon Music
3. Escort: Cocaine Blues (Escort, 2011) Cuto/Tirk
4. Glass Gifts: Mon Amie (Glass Gifts, 2010) self-released?
5. Harold Budd: L'Enfant Perdu (Avalon Sutra/As Long as I Can Hold My Breath, 2004) Samadhi Sound
6. The Courtneys: Nu Sundae (The Courtneys, 2013) Hockey Dad
7. Dead Ghosts: Summer with Phil (Can't Get No, 2013) Burger
8. Dead Ghosts: Tea Swamp Rumble (Can't Get No, 2013) Burger
9. The Ketamines: Lawncare (You Can't Serve Two Masters, 2013) Southpaw
10. B-Lines: Tell Me (Tell Me 7", 2013) Kingfisher Bluez
11. Shawn Mrazek Lives! Invisible Hands (Thought He was Dead, 2013) self-released
12. Harold Budd: She Dances by the Light of the Silvery Moon (By the Dawn's Early Light, 1991) All Saints
13. Yamantaka/Sonic Titan: Crystal Fortress Over the Sea of Trees (YT//ST, 2011) Psychic Handshake
14. No Joy: E (Wait to Pleasure, 2013) Mexican Summer
15. Harold Budd: Olancha Farewell (Lovely Thunder, 1986) Editions EG
16. Boys Brigade: Cut-Up [Breaking Glass] (Boys Brigade, 1983) Anthem/Capitol/EMI
17. Jay Arner: Midnight on South Granville (Jay Arner, 2013) Mint
18. Harold Budd: The Room of Oracles (The Room, 2000) Atlantic/WEA
19. Gold & Youth: Daylight Colours (Beyond Wilderness, 2013) Arts & Crafts
20. Lavender Diamond: I Don't Recall (Incorruptible Heart, 2012) Paracadute
21. Still Corners: Fireflies (Fireflies 7", 2012) self-released
22. Harold Budd & Clive Wright: Ribbons Everywhere (Candylion, 2009) Darla
23. Phedre: Sunday Someday (Mostla IV, 2013) Mostla
24. The Besnard Lakes: The Specter (Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO, 2013) Jagjaguwar
25. Bibio: Wulf (Silver Wilkinson, 2013) Warp
26. Nouveau Zodiaque: Avant Longtemps (Nouveau Zodiaque EP, 2013) Hobo Cult
27. Boy Friend: Spirit Burner (Boy Friend EP, 2011) self-released
28. Harold Budd: Laurel [w.Zeitgeist] (She is a Phantom, 1994) New Albion
29. Harold Budd: Albion Farewell [Homage to Delius, for Gavin Bryars] (By the Dawn's Early Light, 1991) All Saints
30. Cocteau Twins: Cherry Coloured Funk (Heaven or Las Vegas, 1990) 4AD
31. Harold Budd: Mandan (Luxa, 1996) All Saints
32. Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd: Childhood Lost (Mysterious Skin OST, 2005) Commotion
33. Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd: The Discovery (Mysterious Skin OST, 2005) Commotion
34. Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd: The Writing on the Wall (Mysterious Skin OST, 2005) Commotion
35. Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd: One True Love (Mysterious Skin OST, 2005) Commotion
36. Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd: Turn on the Moon (Before the Day Breaks, 2007) Darla
37. Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins: Ooze Out and Away, Onehow (The Moon and the Melodies, 1986) 4AD