Radio Free GAK Episode July 1, 2013

XHM #173 - "A most satisfying prairie pit party" (2013 July 01)

6:59am - 9:03am

In honour of Canada Day, we look at one of its provinces: Saskatchewan. Then we rock out our mullets with music from the Fubar film series. Give'r!

1. Stompin' Tom Connors: Roll On Saskatchewan (Meets Big Joe Mufferaw, 1970) Dominion
2. Wayne Henderson & Freedom Sounds: Soul Sound System (Soul Sound System, 1968) Atlantic
3. Slim Whitman: By the Waters of the Minnetonka (Slim Whitman Sings, 1956) Imperial
4. Slim Whitman: I Remember You (Travelin' Man, 1966) Imperial
5. The Incredible Bongo Band: I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Bongo Rock: The Story of the Incredible Bongo Band, 1974) Strut
6. Devo: Can't Get No Satisfaction (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, 1978) Warner Bros
7. Devo: Gates of Steel (Freedom of Choice, 1980) Warner Bros
8. Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra: In the Arms of Love (The Wonder of You, 2000) Direct Source
9. Basement Jaxx: Cish Cash [w.Siouxsie Sioux] (Kish Kash, 2003) XL/Astralwerks
X Pixies: Bagboy (Bagboy, 2013) self-released
11. The Menahan Street Band: Keep Coming Back (The Crossing, 2012) Dunham/Daptone
12. Beck: Defriended (Defriended, 2013)
13. BEAK> Liar (>>, 2012) Invada
14. The Vic Flick Sound: Two Seasons (West of Windward, 1968) Rediffusion
15. Liars: I Saw You From the Lifeboat (I Saw You From the Lifeboat single, 2013) self-released
16. Johnny Cash: Girl in Saskatoon (Heart of Cash, 1960) Columbia
17. Alan Hawkshaw & Dave Gold: Undergroove (Move with the Times, 1973) KPM
18. Badasskatoon: Bad Bad Man from Saskatoon (The Greatest Album Anywhere. Ever, 2013) self-released
19. Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle: Saskatoon Tonight (Let's Just Stay Here, 2009) Mint
XX Riz Ortolani: A Generous Girl (The Valachi Papers OST, 1973) Philips
21. Wintermitts: Saskatoon at Midnight (Saskatoon at Midnight, 2012) self-released
22. Saskatchewan: Possession (Occasion, 2013) Father/Daughter
23. Mike Moran: Situation Unstable (Pulse of Events, 1976) Themes International
24. Robin & the Hairy Bats: Telepathic Vampires (Robin & the Hairy Bats, 2012) self-released
25. Volcanoless in Canada: Shedding Skin [Corner Gas] (The Way Forward, 2009) self-released
26. Sylvie: Breakout for Summer (Trees and Shade are Our Only Fences, 2008) Smallman
27. Alan Hawkshaw: Autopower (The Music Machine, 1981) Bruton
28. Mononoke: Cute (Cute, 2013) self-released
29. Mehta: Clapping for a Hug (Club Fodder, 2013) Pop Quiz
XXX Bombino: Niamey Jam (Nomad, 2013) Nonesuch
31. Thor: Fubar is a Super Rocker (Fubar: the Album, 2002) Phantom
32. Jimi Hendrix: Manic Depression [instrumental] (Get the Experience! bootleg, 1994) Invasion Unlimited
33. The New Pornographers: Your Daddy Don't Know (Fubar: the Album, 2002) Aquarius
34. Treble Charger: Roller (Fubar: the Album, 2002) Aquarius
35. Sloan: In the Mood (Fubar: the Album, 2002) Aquarius
36. Creeper: Garden of Evil (Fubar: the Album, 2002) Aquarius
37. Jimi Hendrix: Spanish Castle Magic [instrumental] (Get the Experience! bootleg, 1994) Invasion Unlimited
38. Night Seeker: Spellraiser (Fubar II OST, 2010) Warner Music Canada
39. Night Seeker: Give'r Take All (Fubar II OST, 2010) Warner Music Canada
XL Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland [instrumental] (Get the Experience! bootleg, 1994) Invasion Unlimited
41. Nomeansno: Hey Hey My My (Fubar: the Album, 2002) Aquarius

Happy Canada Day!