Radio Free GAK Episode June 3, 2013

XHM #169 - "Buzz to zing" (2013 June 03)

6:59am - 9:03am

With Paul Williams popping up on Daft Punk's new album, time to head back to the land of Muppets, Bugsy Malone and the Phantom of the Paradise with his songs. Another mad bike ride up the peninsula to the station in the nick of time in the glorious weather. Shame about the headphones.

1. The Free Design: Like to Love (One by One, 1972) Project 3 Total Sound
2. Gold & Youth: Cut Lip (Beyond Wilderness, 2013) Arts & Crafts
3. Gold & Youth: Come to Admire (Beyond Wilderness, 2013) Arts & Crafts
4. Digits: Keeping Secrets (Only Affection EP, 2013) self-released
5. Marques Wyatt: For Those Who Like to Get Down [Deep Sunday Retro mix] (For Those Who Like to Get Down, 2004) Om Records
6. Jacques Greene: On Your Side [w.How to Dress Well] (On Your Side EP, 2013) LuckyMe
7. Simian Mobile Disco: Cerulean (Unpatterns, 2012) Wichita
8. R?yksopp: So Easy (Melody AM, 2001) Wall of Sound
9. Ryan Hemsworth: Mistakes to Make (Still Awake, 2013) self-released
10. The Acorn: White Heat [Silken Laumann remix] (True Blue Covers, 2011) Paper Bag
11. Lee Gagnon: Au Chant de l'Alouette (Vive la Canadienne, 1976) Radio Canada International
12. Grizzly Bear: Yet Again (Shields, 2012) Warp
13. Majical Cloudz: Bugs Don't Buzz (Impersonator, 2013) Mythryl/Matador
14. Johnny Hawksworth: The Beginning (Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86, 2012) Public Information
15. No Joy: Hare Tarot Lies (Wait to Pleasure, 2013) Mexican Summer
16. Moon King: Icarus (Obsessions II EP, 2013) One Big Silence
17. The Breeders: No Aloha (Last Splash, 1993) 4AD/Elektra
18. Colin Stetson: In Mirrors (New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light, 2013) Constellation
19. Ron Sexsmith: Snake Road (Forever Endeavour, 2013) Warner
20. The Carpenters: Rainy Days and Mondays [acapella] (1971)
21. Paul Williams: Poseidon (Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86, 2012) Public Information
22. Curtis Mayfield: We've Only Just Begun (Curtis/Live!, 1971) Curtom
23. Kermit the Frog: The Rainbow Connection (The Muppet Movie OST, 1979) Atlantic
24. Johnny Pearson: The Big Fuzz (Shut It! The Music of the Sweeney, 2001) Sanctuary
25. Daft Punk: Touch [w.Paul Williams] (Random Access Memories, 2013) Columbia/Daft Life
26. Mike Moran: Task Force (Pulse of Events, 1976) Themes International
27. Paul Williams: Fat Sam's Grand Slam (Bugsy Malone OST, 1976) RSO
28. Paul Williams: Tomorrow (Bugsy Malone OST, 1976) RSO
29. Paul Williams: So You Wanna Be a Boxer (Bugsy Malone OST, 1976) RSO
30. Paul Williams: Bad Guys (Bugsy Malone OST, 1976) RSO
31. Alan Hawkshaw: Thrust Forward (The Music Machine, 1981) Bruton
32. Bill Finley: Faust (The Phantom of the Paradise OST, 1974) Polygram
33. Jessica Harper: Old Souls (The Phantom of the Paradise OST, 1974) Polygram
34. Paul Williams: Hell of It (The Phantom of the Paradise OST, 1974) Polygram
35. Dirty Beaches: Woman (Drifters/Love is the Devil, 2013) Zoo Music
36. Don Covay: It's Better to Have [and Don't Need] (Hot Blood, 1974) Mercury