Radio Free GAK Episode May 27, 2013

XHM #168 - "Enjoy the hobo platter off a broken plate" (2013 May 27)

7:00am - 9:03am

Amidst a mish-mash of styles, Tom Waits guides us with his score to 1982's One From the Heart. This is a weird show, truly. I blame the going away party, then the funeral, the wake, the wedding reception and the birth I dealt with this weekend.

1. RIAA: Crows Over Martha (Madnight, 2008) self-released
2. Ratchet Orchestra: Winnow (Hemlock, 2012) Drip Audio
3. Beliefs: She Comes Alive (Beliefs, 2013) Handdrawn Dracula
4. Gardens & Villa: Sunday Morning (Gardens & Villa, 2011) Secretly Canadian
5. The Abramson Singers: Lose-Lose (Late Riser, 2013) Copperspine
6. The Focus Group: Let Them Go (The Elektrik Karousel, 2013) Ghost Box
7. Robin & the Hairy Bats: Midnight Beach (Robin & the Hairy Bats!, 2013) self-released
8. Yellowteeth: Without a Grown (Gets in Car, 2012) self-released
9. Astral Gunk: Street Level (Street Level, 2013) Craft Singles
10. Organ Eyes: Bathroom Magnets (Multibody, 2013) Bruised Tongue
11. Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker & Johnny Hawksworth: Day Shift (Beat Incidental, 1972) KPM
12. This Mess: Imelda Marcos (States, 2013) self-released
13. Bleet: Feno Barbitol (Pie-002, 2013) Out of Sound
14. Li?: Pressure (Li? EP, 2013) Function Operate
15. Thee Oh Sees: Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster (Floating Coffin, 2013) Castle Face
16. Alan Hawkshaw: Troublemaker (Pulse Of Events, 1976) Themes International Music
17. Paws: Miss American Bookworm (Cokefloat!, 2012) Fat Cat
18. David Bowie: The Next Day (The Next Day, 2013) ISO/Columbia
19. Deerhunter: Dream Captain (Monomania, 2013) 4AD
20. Alan Hawkshaw: Flashpoint (The Rock Machine, 1973) Themes International Music
21. Dirty Beaches: Casino Lisboa (Drifters/Love is the Devil, 2013) Zoo Music
22. Ernan Roch con Las Voces Frescas: The Train (La Onda Pesada, 1968) Onda
23. The Besnard Lakes: And Her Eyes Were Painted Gold (Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO, 2013) Jagjaguwar
24. Alan Hawkshaw: Get Ready, Get Set...Fly (The Road Forward, 1977) KPM
25. Highway X: XXXXXX (Highway X, 2012) self-released
26. Kyle Bobby Dunn: Lake Wapta Rise (In Miserum Stercus, 2012) Komino
27. Boards of Canada: Reach for the Dead (Tomorrow's Harvest, 2013) Warp
28. Brodie West: Dutch Teapot Renaissance (The Law of the Meander, 2012) Healing Power
29. Harry Nilsson: Animal Farm (Perfect Day: The Songs of Harry Nilsson 1971-1993, 2006) Retro Active
30. Tom Waits: Face to the Highway (Bad as Me, 2011) Anti-
31. The Bob Alicvar Ensemble: Presents (One from the Heart OST, 1982) Columbia/Sony
32. Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle: Opening Montage - Tom's Piano Intro/Once Upon a Town/The Wages of Love (One from the Heart OST, 1982) Columbia/Sony
33. Tom Waits: Broken Bicycles (One from the Heart OST, 1982) Columbia/Sony
34. Cystal Gayle: Take Me Home (One from the Heart OST, 1982) Columbia/Sony
35. Tom Waits: You Can't Unring a Bell (One from the Heart OST, 1982) Columbia/Sony
36. Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle: This One's from the Heart (One from the Heart OST, 1982) Columbia/Sony
37. Tom Waits & Ensemble: Instrumental Montage - The Tango/Circus Girl (One from the Heart OST, 1982) Columbia/Sony
38. Iris DeMent: Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (True Grit OST, 2010) Nonesuch