Radio Free GAK Episode May 13, 2013

XHM #166 - "All the record store clerks fell atop each other" (2013 May 13)

7:07am - 9:02am

With Yo La Tengo in town, there's a profile of their music, including selections from their soundtracks to Old Joy, The Sounds of Science and Brain Candy. Translink: what in the name of Jumanji is up with the #25 bus????

1. Jim Stringer: Shake Hands With Danger [w.Charles Oldfather] (Shake Hands with Danger OST, 1979) Caterpillar/Centron
2. The Bebop Cowboys: Crazy Rhythm (Debut, 2002) self-released
3. George Jones: Revenooer Man (The Novelty Side Of George Jones, 1963) Mercury
4. George Jones: You're Still On My Mind (Country & Western #1 Male Singer, 1964) Mercury
5. Nelstone's Hawaiians: Mobile County Blues (Black and White Hillbilly Music: Early Harmonica Recordings from the 1920s & 30s, 1929) Trikont
6. Solomon Burke & Emmylou Harris: We're Gonna Hold On (Nashville, 2006) Shout! Factory
7. Morning River Band: Drinking Blues #2 [Drinking in Heaven with George Jones] (Between the Ocean and the Blues EP, 2011) self-released
8. Shearwater Bluegrass Band: Shearwater (Shearwater, 2008) self-released
9. The Matinee: L'Absinthe (We Swore We'd See the Sunrise, 2013) Light Organ
10. The Abramson Singers: Jack of Diamonds (Late Riser, 2013) Copperspine
11. Ostrich Tuning: It Goes Right Through (In Her Highest Moon, 2013) Optical Sounds
12. Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts: Go Go Cactus Man (Cowboy Bebop OST 4: Blue, 1999) Blue Note/Victor Entertainment
13. Parquet Courts: Borrowed Time (Light Up Gold, 2012) What's Your Rupture?/Dull Tools
14. White Poppy: Mirage Man (Vancouver DIY Single-Side Series, 2012) Kingfisher Bluez
15. Monsterbator: The Infinity House (The Infinity House EP, 2012) self-released
16. Beliefs: Catch My Breath (Beliefs, 2013) Hand Drawn Dracula
17. Chico Arnez: Oh Well (The New Sounds of Chico Arnez, 1972) Contour
18. Savages: Husbands (Silence Yourself, 2013) Matador/Pop Noire
19. The Coathangers: Hurricane (Larceny & Old Lace, 2011) Suicide Squeeze
20. Magneta Lane: Burn (Witchrock EP, 2013) eOne
21. The Joy Formidable: Little Blimp (Wolf's Law, 2013) Atlantic/Canvasback
22. Tony Iglio: Yellow Drops (Drug Store, 1973) Tay
23. The Program/Volcano Underground: Waiting (Psych Pop from Toronto, 2013) Optical Sounds
24. The Besnard Lakes: People of the Sticks (Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO, 2013) Jagjaguwar
25. Hot & Cold: Out of the Grey (Border Area, 2012) Moniker
26. Yo La Tengo: Danelectro 2 (Danelectro EP, 2000) Matador
27. Yo La Tengo: Griselda (Fakebook, 1990) Bar None
28. Yo La Tengo: Moby Octopad (I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, 1997) Matador
29. Yo La Tengo: Winter a Go-Go (Summer Sun, 2003) Matador
30. Yo La Tengo: Leaving Home [alternate version] (They Shoot, We Score, 2008) Egon
31. Yo La Tengo: Driving Home (They Shoot, We Score, 2008) Egon
32. Yo La Tengo: Old Joy [end credits] (They Shoot, We Score, 2008) Egon
33. Yo La Tengo: Pablo and Andrea (Brain Candy OST, 1996) Matador
34. Yo La Tengo: Shrimp Stories (The Sounds of the Sounds of Science, 2002) Egon
35. Yo La Tengo: Hyas and Stenorhynchus (The Sounds of the Sounds of Science, 2002) Egon
36. Yo La Tengo: Danelectro 3 (Danelectro EP, 2000) Matador
37. Yo La Tengo: Paddle Forward (Fade, 2013) Matador