Radio Free GAK Episode May 6, 2013

XHM #165 - "Starring Tom Cruise as WALL-E! and Morgan Freeman as Easy Reader!" (2013 May 06)

7:05am - 9:03am

M83's contentious score to Oblivion is this week's profile, along with a tribute to Apollo Ghosts (2008-2013), other weird Canadiana and cool tracks for this hot Lower Mainland weekend. This episode is slightly shorter after your host thought he found a shortcut cycling to the station. Remember: less hills means more detours.

1. James Blake: Life Round Here (Overgrown, 2013) Atlas Recordings
2. Jonathan Kusuma: Misi (Misi EP, 2010) Space.rec
3. The Knife: Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Shaking the Habitual, 2013) Brille
4. Doldrums: Anomaly (Lesser Evil, 2013) Arbutus
5. Alphabethead: Faux Dreamy (Electricity, 2006) Explorers Club Recordings
6. Apollo Ghosts: Things You Go Through (Mount Benson, 2010) self-released
7. Apollo Ghosts: Money Has No Heart (Money Has No Heart 7", 2011) Geographing
8. Apollo Ghosts: For What They Do, They Do (Landmark, 2012) You've Changed
9. Vic Flick Sound: West of Windward (West of Windward, 1968) Rediffusion
10. Astral Gunk: Herky Jerky (Street Level, 2013) Craft Singles
11. Ponctuation: Emma (27 Club, 2013) Bonsound
12. Heaven for Real: Love Solo (Wanton, 2013) self-released
13. Wolfcow: Exsanguinaton, I Presume (Bad to the Rhinestone, 2013) Inyrdisk
14. Gil Trythall: Little Green Apples (Country Moog & Nashville Gold, 1972) Athena
15. Kurt Vile: Wakin' on a Pretty Day (Wakin' on a Pretty Daze, 2013) Matador
16. Jega: The Girl Who Fell to Earth (Variance, 2009) Planet Mu
17. Andy Haas & David Moreno: Oscillator Magenta (Haas-Moreno, 2013) Studio Stereonomo
18. Rational Youth: Dancing on the Berlin Wall (Cold War Night Life, 1982) Yul
19. Juveniles: Strangers (Strangers Remixes, 2013) Paradis
20. Solar Bears: Cosmic Runner (Supermigration, 2013) Planet Mu
21. Kerry Beaumont: Chip Bytes (Video-Tech 4, 1985) Parry Music Library
22. Joy Orbison: Donell (Donell, 2013) self-released
23. Martyn: Oceania (Newspeak EP, 2013) Dolly Dubs
24. Kerry Beaumont: Schematics (Video-Tech 4, 1985) Parry Music Library
25. M83: Run Into Flowers (Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts, 2003) Gooom
26. M83: Crater Lake (Oblivion OST, 2013) Back Lot Music
27. M83: The Library (Oblivion OST, 2013) Back Lot Music
28. M83: Starwaves (Oblivion OST, 2013) Back Lot Music
29. M83: I'm Sending You Away (Oblivion OST, 2013) Back Lot Music
30. M83: Temples of Our Gods (Oblivion OST, 2013) Back Lot Music
31. M83: Oblivion [w.Susanne Sundf?r] (Oblivion OST, 2013) Back Lot Music
32. M83: Raven Rock (Oblivion OST, 2013) Back Lot Music
33. Apollo Ghosts: Will You Forget Me? (Landmark, 2012) You've Changed