Radio Free GAK Episode April 29, 2013

XHM #164 - "Underspun & overwhirled" (2013 April 29)

7:02am - 9:03am

Danny Boyle's latest film Trance continues his collaboration history with Underworld, though only one half (Rick Smith) helps this time. I stand up most of the show; can you tell? Do you have? What is where?

No, these be:

1. J Dilla: The Diff'rence (Donuts, 2006) Stones Throw
2. Afrique: Kissing My Love (Soul Makossa, 1973) Mainstream
3. Basement Jaxx: Back 2 the Wild (Back 2 the Wild 12", 2013) 37 Adventures
4. A Tribe Called Red & Das Racist: Indians from All Directions (unreleased, 2013)
5. Tlon: White Jazz (Acoustic Lazy Dolls, 2003) Autoplate
6. Daughter: Get Lucky (BBC Radio One Live Lounge, 2013) BBC
7. Louise Burns: Emeralds Shatter (The Midnight Mass, 2013) Light Organ
8. Sinoia Caves: Through the Valley (The Enchanter Persuaded, 2002) Jagjaguwar
9. Blue Hawaii: Try to Be [New Theory remix] (2013) self-released
10. Gang Signs: Counting on You [Shaky Snakes remix] (Remixes, 2013) Hybridity
11. Matmos: The Struggle Against Unreality Begins (The Civil War, 2003) Matador
12. Kellarissa: Hall of Mirrors (untitled cassette, 2008) self-released
13. K-X-P: Magnetic North (II, 2013) Melodic/Manimal
14. Martyn: What is Room 101 (Newspeak EP, 2013) Dolly Dubs
15. Moonwood: Olympus Monsters (Trans Martian Express, 2012) Pleasence
16. Ratchet Orchestra: Hemlock, Pt II (Hemlock, 2012) Drip Audio
17. Zomes: OK Philosophy (Earth Grid, 2011) Thrill Jockey
18. Junior Boys: In the Morning [Hot Chip remix] (The Dead Horse EP, 2007) Domino
19. Hot Chip: Motion Sickness (In Our Heads, 2012) Domino
20. Burial: Fostercare (Five Years of Hyperdub, 2009) Hyperdub
21. Underworld: Bird 1 (Barking, 2010) Cooking Vinyl
22. Brian Eno & Karl Hyde: Beebop Hurry (Underworld vs the Misterons: Athens, 2010) !K7
23. Howard Shore: The Injection [from "Scanners"] (Dead Ringers: Music from the Films of David Cronenberg, 1992) Silva Screen
24. Art & Dotty Todd: Chanson d'Amour/Song of Love (Trance OST, 1958) Universal UMC
25. Rick Smith: Raw Umber (Trance OST, 2013) Universal UMC
26. Rick Smith: Bullet Cut (Trance OST, 2013) Universal UMC
27. Rick Smith: Bring It to Me (Trance OST, 2013) Universal UMC
28. Rick Smith: Here It Comes [w.Emeli Sand?] (Trance OST, 2013) Universal UMC
29. Rick Smith: The Heist (Trance OST, 2013) Universal UMC
30. Rick Smith: You Knew (Trance OST, 2013) Universal UMC
31. Kirsty McGee: Sandman (Trance OST, 2013) Universal UMC