Radio Free GAK Episode April 22, 2013

XHM #163 - "Featuring an actual exploding head movie for once" (2013 April 22)

7:01am - 9:01am

On this day, Scanners finally gets its profile, featuring Howard Shore's tricky score to David Cronenberg's body horror classic. For the benefit of several listeners, live mixing was attempted during this show -- totally recommended during the SOCAN monitoring period when start times, stop times and song usage is recorded by yours truly.


1. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: [Relax] You Will Think You Are a Chicken (Sport Fishin': The Lure of the Bait, The Luck of the Hook, 1993) Cargo
2. Tlon: Close Distance (Acoustic Lazy Dolls, 2003) Autoplate
3. Ann Kirstin Hedmark & Lee Hazlewood: Please Come to Boston (Cake or Death, 2006) BPX1992
4. Milks & Rectangles: Boston Brahmin (Milks & Rectangles, 2012) self-released
5. Jonathan Richman: Twilight in Boston (I Jonathan, 1992) Rounder
6. Lee Gagnon: Marianne s'en Va au Moulin (Vive la Canadienne, 1976) Radio Canada International
7. Suuns: 2020 (Images du Futur, 2013) Secretly Canadian
8. Clinic: The Second Line (Internal Wrangler, 2000) Domino
9. Apparat Organ Quartet: Babbage (P?l?f?n?a, 2013) Crunchy Frog
10. Stereolab: Peng! 33 (Peng!, 1992) American/Too Pure
11. Melody's Echo Chamber: Endless Shore (Live: Aquarium Drunkard session, 2012) self-released
12. Broadcast: Living Room (Work and Non Work, 1997) Warp
13. Harry Forbes: Apex (Video-Tech 4, 1985) Parry Music Library
14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Despair (Mosquito, 2013) Interscope
15. Doldrums: Egypt (Lesser Evil, 2013) Arbutus
16. Magneta Lane: Lucky (Witchrock EP, 2013) eOne
17. Harry Forbes: Expo System (Video-Tech 4, 1985) Parry Music Library
18. Grimes: Crystal Ball [Young Galaxy mix] (2011) self-released
19. Hayden: Rainy Saturday (Us Alone, 2013) Arts & Crafts
20. Olenka & the Autumn Lovers: Annelies (Hard Times EP, 2012) independent
21. Val Podlasinski: Direct Drive (Video-Tech 4, 1985) Parry Music Library
22. The High Drops: Part of the Brigade (Don?t Let It Happen to You 7", 2012) Student Loan
23. Needles//Pins: Cannot Get Enough (12:34, 2012) Mammoth Cave
24. Persian Rugs: Always All (Psych Pop from Toronto, 2013) Optical Sounds
25. Robin Artus & Paul Kass: Panorama #2 (Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86, 2012) Public Information
26. Frankie Rose: Apples for the Sun [The Go! Team mix] (2012) self-released
27. Howard Shore: Main Title from Scanners (Dead Ringers: Music from the Films of David Cronenberg, 1992) Silva Screen
28. Howard Shore: The Ripe Program [from "Scanners"] (Music from the Films of David Cronenburg, 1992)
29. Howard Shore: Vale Captured [from "Scanners"] (Music from the Films of David Cronenburg, 1992)
30. Howard Shore: Dirge for the Assassins [from "Scanners"] (Music from the Films of David Cronenburg, 1992)
31. Howard Shore: Scanner Duel [from "Scanners"] (Music from the Films of David Cronenburg, 1992)
32. Scanner: Passage de Recherche (Lauwarm Instrumentals, 1999) Beggars Banquet/Sulphur
33. Mychael Danna: The Mighty Rio Grande (Moneyball OST, 2011) Madison Gate