Radio Free GAK Episode February 11, 2013

XHM #153 - "Passport stamps and visa tramps" (2013 February 11)

7:31am - 9:02am

gak's back, though highly jetlagged as he tours South American music before looking at the 3rd Oscar-nominated score: Argo by Alexandre Desplat. I sound rough during this show; partly from the time zone and season change, partly from the sudden illness of Darren, who was going to share his own psych collection from Chile and Uruguay.

1. Gotan Project: Santa Maria [del Buen Ayre] (La Revancha del Tango, 2001) Barclay
2. Astor Piazzolla: Chin Chin (Suite Punta del Este, 1994) Personality
3. Perrosky: En la Linea (En la Linea 7", 2010) Algo
4. Pescado Rabioso: La Sed Verdadera (Artaud, 1973) Microfon
5. Sumo: Debede (Divididos por la Felicidad, 1985) CBS
6. Gustavo Santaolalla: Apertura/Leyendo en el Hospital/De Usuahia a la Quiaca (The Motorcycle Diaries OST, 2004) Deutsche Grammophon
7. My Bloody Valentine: In Another Way (m b v, 2013) Pickpocket
8. Freelove Fenner: Mint (You're Related: Volume 1 - Montreal Artists covering Montreal Artists, 2012) CJLO
9. Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin: Uptown Psychedelia (Instrumental Tourist, 2012) Software
10. Melody's Echo Chamber: Crystallized (The Aquarium Drunkard Session, 2012) Aquarium Drunkard
11. The Hans Staymer Band: Mama [Don't Ya Hear Me Call] (Dig a Hole, 1972) GSF
12. Gypsophilia: Montreal (Constellation, 2011) Forward Music Group
13. J Ralph: Before My Time [w.Scarlett Johansson] (Chasing Ice OST, 2012) Rumour Mill
14. Norah Jones: Everybody Needs a Best Friend (Ted OST, 2012) Universal Republic
15. Phowa: Alla al H'bab ["Blessed Be My Friends"] (Alla al H'bab, 2012) self-released
16. Radians: Iran (Dig Our Grave, 2009) Mammoth Cave Recording
17. Alexandre Desplat: A Spy In Tehran (Argo OST, 2012) Watertower
18. Alexandre Desplat: Cleared Iranian Airspace (Argo OST, 2012) Watertower
19. Alexandre Desplat: The Mission (Argo OST, 2012) Watertower
20. Alexandre Desplat: The Business Card (Argo OST, 2012) Watertower
21. Alexandre Desplat: Breaking Through the Gates (Argo OST, 2012) Watertower
22. Alexandre Desplat: Bazaar (Argo OST, 2012) Watertower
23. Familion: Hace Tuto Guagua (Argo OST, 2012) Watertower
24. LCD Soundsystem: North American Scum (Sound of Silver, 2007) DFA/Capitol -- OH THE JETLAG+