Radio Free GAK Episode January 28, 2013

XHM #151 - "Someone else is setting the controls to the heart of the sun" (2013 January 28)

7:31am - 9:00am

gak's away, so Darren from Stereoscopic Redoubt fills in with the psychedelic sixties. Editing this on a phone is hard so forgive any odd things you see. The below format is how CITR's playlist exports song info.

The Remo Four: In the First Place (Real Rarities)
The Beatles: The Inner Light (Past Masters: Volume 2)
Spirit: Fog (Model Shop OST)
Spirit: Model Shop #1 (Model Shop OST)
Spirit: Eventide (Model Shop OST)
Spirit: Song for Lola (Model Shop OST)
The Strawberry Alarm Clock, strawberries mean love, pretty song from psych-out
The Seeds, psych-out ost, two fingers pointing on you
George Harrison: Dream Scene (Wonderwall OST)
George Harrison: Greasy Legs (Wonderwall OST)
George Harrison: Ski (Wonderwall OST)
George Harrison: Party Seacombe (Wonderwall OST)
George Harrison: On the Bed (Wonderwall OST)
George Harrison: Wonderwall to be Here (Wonderwall OST)
Pink Floyd: Cymbeline (More OST)
Pink Floyd: Ibiza Bar (More OST)
Pink Floyd: The Nile Song (More OST)
Pink Floyd: Green is the Colour (More OST)
Melody's Echo Chamber: Endless Shore (Melody's Echo Chamber)

Stereoscopic Redoubt airs Thursdays 19:30-21:00 Pacific on CITR, check for the podcast. -- THESE BOTTOM THINGIES WON'T UPDATE FOR A WHILE.