Radio Free GAK Episode January 21, 2013

XHM N? 150 - "The hidden deep romance found only in crop rotation" (2013 Monday 21)

7:30am - 9:03am

The 2nd Oscar profile here presents Dario Marianelli's Russian-inspired score to Anna Karenina along with a song from Les Mis?rables. Plenty of warped music that sticks to usual milieu. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THE NEXT HOUR AND A HALF!
...and often does.

There was a song I wanted to close with based on the first song. As usual, I ran out of time because I forgot how much I plain talk. Again, I'm reminded I should move the profile up slightly for more cushion space. Alas...

1. Pete Shelley: Homosapien (Homosapien, 1981) Genetic/Island
2. Messer f?r Frau M?ller: Our Address on the Web (Second Hand Dreams, 2001) Solzne
3. Death Grips: I've Seen Footage (The Money Store, 2012) Epic
4. Icona Pop: I Love It [w.Charli XCX] (Icona Pop, 2012) Universal Sweden
5. Cujo: Cat People (Adventures in Foam, 1996) Shadow/Ninja Tune
6. Charli XCX: Stay Away (Stay Away single, 2011) This is Music
7. Niki & the Dove: The Gentle Roar (Instinct, 2012) Sub Pop
8. Delerium: Rain Down (Music Box Opera, 2012) Nettwerk
9. Ryan Hemsworth: Basedworld (:'), 2013) self-released
10. Trust: Bulbform (TRST, 2012) Arts & Crafts
11. Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin: Whole Earth Tascam (Instrumental Tourist, 2012) Software
12. Cold Specks: Holland (I Predict a Graceful Expulsion, 2012) Mute
13. Stars: The Theory of Relativity (The North, 2012) ATO/Soft Revolution
14. The Shuffle Demons: Hockey Night in Canada (Greatest Hits, 2004) Stubby
15. Digits: Last Trip [w.Au Palais] (Last Trip single, 2012) self-released
16. French Kicks: Sex Tourists (Swimming, 2008) Vagrant
17. Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra: Otters (Follow My Lead, Lead Me to Follow, 2012) self-released
18. Van Django: I'll See You in My Badass Dreams (Waltz in the Shape of a Tree, 2012) self-released
19. Don Spencer: Theme from Fireball XL-5 (Television's Greatest Hits of the '50s & '60s, 1986) TVT
20. Barry Gray Orchestra: Main Theme from Joe 90 (This is Cult Fiction, 1995) Virgin
21. Geoff Love & His Orchestra: Thunderbirds (Star Wars and Other Space Themes, 1978) Music for Pleasure
22. Fontella Bass: Hold On This Time (Free, 1972) Paula/Fuel 2000
23. Patti Page: I Didn't Know About You (In the Land of Hi-Fi, 1956) Emarcy/Mercury (1959)/Verve (1999)
24. Anna Karenina: Tri Be Ca (The Day My Favourite Insect Died, 1995) Kollaps
25. Hugh Jackman: Suddenly (Les Mis?rables: Highlights from the Motion Picture Soundtrack, 2012) Cameron Mackintosh
26. Dario Marianelli: The Girl and the Birch (Anna Karenina OST, 2012) Decca
27. Dario Marianelli: Dance with Me (Anna Karenina OST, 2012) Decca
28. Dario Marianelli: Overture (Anna Karenina OST, 2012) Decca
29. Dario Marianelli: She is of the Heavens (Anna Karenina OST, 2012) Decca
30. Dario Marianelli: I Understood Something (Anna Karenina OST, 2012) Decca
31. Dario Marianelli: Can-Can (Anna Karenina OST, 2012) Decca

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