Radio Free GAK Episode January 14, 2013

XHM #149 - "Half a decade in the zoo with half a clue" (2013 January 14)

7:30am - 9:04am

This episode marks the 5th anniversary of all iterations of this show, so to celebrate, we start the Oscar season with the 1st of 5 nominated scores: Mychael Danna's The Life of Pi. If you've been relying on the podcast devotedly, you'll notice a gap in episodes. That would mark the Mayan apocalypse that was the server dying. The episodes that aired during that time should soon be available via

Happy birthday to the squirrels inside the host's head that operate the controls and best of luck to all the Oscar nominees.

1, 2, 3, 4, ....

1. Bj?rk: 5 Years (Homogenic, 1997) One Little Indian
2. Gak Sato: Penetrare [Kid Loco's Belleville B-Boy mix] (Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches, 1999) Yellow/Atlantic
3. The Mouthbreathers: Birthdays (Appetite for Deconstruction, 2012) Killer Haze
4. Tom Waits: Jockey Full of Bourbon (Rain Dogs, 1985) Island
FIVE! Mantrakid: The Imp (Dragon Lullabies, 2012) Neferiu
6. Belong: Perfect Life (Common Era, 2011) Kranky
7. Mean Red Spiders: Belle Elmore (Places You Call Home, 1998) Teenage USA
8. Four Tet: Everything is Alright (Pause, 2001) Domino
9. Adam and the Amethysts: Drinking in LA (You're Related: Volume 1 - Montreal Artists covering Montreal Artists, 2012) CJLO
10. Mitch Hedberg: Bed and Breakfast [excerpt] (Mitch All Together, 2003) Comedy Central
11. Primal Scream: I'm 5 Years Ahead of My Time (Accelerator single, 2000) Creation
12. Kuedo: Onset [Escapism] (Severant, 2011) Planet Mu
13. Crystal Castles: Telepath (III, 2012) Casablanca/Fiction/Universal Republic
14. Purity Ring: Crawlersout (Shrines, 2012) Last Gang/4AD
15. Lymbyc Systym: Prairie School (Symbolyst, 2012) Western Vinyl
16. Julie Doiron: Cars + Trucks (So Many Days, 2012) Aporia
17. Vivian Girls: I Have No Fun (Everything Goes Wrong, 2009) In the Red
18. The Ridiculous Trio: No Fun (Play the Stooges, 2004) self-released
19. Vitalic: No Fun (OK Cowboy, 2005) Different/PIAS
20. Boots Electric: No Ffun (Honkey Kong, 2011) Dangerbird
21. Bruce Mitchell: Servomotion 1 (Video-Tech 4, 1985) Parry Music Library
22. The Ravi Shankar Project: West Eats Meat [excerpt] (Tana Mana, 1987) Private Music
23. Mychael Danna: Richard Parker (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
24. Mychael Danna: Appa's Lesson (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
25. Mychael Danna: Leaving India (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
26. Mychael Danna: Pi's Lullaby [w.Bombay Jayashri] (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
27. Mychael Danna: The Deepest Spot on Earth (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
28. Mychael Danna: First Night, First Day (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
29. Mychael Danna: The Whale (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
30. Mychael Danna: Which Story Do You Prefer? (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
31. Mychael Danna: Meeting Krishna (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical
32. Mychael Danna: God Storm (Life of Pi OST, 2012) Sony Classical

When I was five years old, I was always banging my head on the upper cupboards as I propelled myself to the counter from the ground.