Radio Free GAK Episode November 12, 2012

XHM #141 - "The larks, still bravely singing, fly" (2012 November 12)

7:29am - 9:02am

We remember this holiday weekend (Remembrance/Veterans/Armistice) with Jan AP Kaczmarerk's score to the 2008 Cdn WWI film Passchendaele. We get fuzzy, mathy, chirpy and chill too. Not every province has Remembrance Day as a holiday, so since I was fortunate to not work today, it's important to bear in mind how this day off was given to me. Remember your veterans, no matter where they served.

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1. Space Ghost: Brak for President (2000) Adult Swim
2. The Natural Yogurt Band: Eastern Promise (Tuck In With the Natural Yogurt Band, 2010) Jazzman/Stones Throw
3. Troublemaker: El Presidente (2009) self-released
4. James Brown: Funky President [People It's Bad] (Reality, 1974) Polydor
5. Sultan: Soft Fabric (Various Deficiencies: Volume 2, 2011) Blackburn Recordings
6. We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It! Rules and Regulations (Bostin' Steve Austin, 1986) WEA/Geffen
7. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Black Thoughts (Meat and Bone, 2012) Mom + Pop
8. The Pink Noise: Garden Times (White Buildings, 2011) Night People
9. Man Your Horse: So Bronze It's Gold (Shorts EP, 2011) self-released
10. Absolutely Free: UFO (UFO 12", 2012) One Big Silence
11. Harry Forbes: Digits (Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86, 2012) Public Information
12. Ohama: Where Do You Call Home? (I Fear What I Might Hear, 1984) Ohama
13. Daphni: Ye Ye (Jiaolong, 2012) Merge
14. Perrey & Kingsley: Swan's Splashdown (The In Sound from Way Out!, 1966) Vanguard
15. Zero 7: Futures (The Garden, 2006) Atlantic/Ultimate Dilemma
16. Boards of Canada: Dayvan Cowboy (The Campfire Headphase, 2005) Warp
17. Albert Elms: Number 6 Wins the Election (The Prisoner: File #2, 1967) Silva Screen
18. Mantrakid: The War (Dragon Lullabies, 2012) Neferiu
19. Daniele Patucchi: Il Punto Pi? Alto (Violent, Dramatic & Suspense, 1971) CAM
20. Jan AP Kaczmarek: Passchendaele (Passchendaele OST, 2010) Var?se Sarabande
21. Jan AP Kaczmarek: The Attack (Passchendaele OST, 2010) Var?se Sarabande
22. Jan AP Kaczmarek: Pain (Passchendaele OST, 2010) Var?se Sarabande
23. Jan AP Kaczmarek: The Cross (Passchendaele OST, 2010) Var?se Sarabande
24. Jan AP Kaczmarek: The War (Passchendaele OST, 2010) Var?se Sarabande
25. Duke Ellington: Caravan (Money Jungle, 1962) Blue Note/United Artists
26. Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra: They Can't Take That Away From Me (Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia 1933-1944, 1937) Columbia/Legacy