Radio Free GAK Episode October 29, 2012

XHM #139 - "Pumpkin spice must flow" (2012 October 29)

7:29am - 9:01am

With nature occupying the news, why not settle down to some additional horror and John Carpenter's score to his 1978 film Halloween to get you in shape for the season. Sinister synths galore. Meanwhile, as we keep our eyes on the East Coast and what's left of Hurricane Sandy, plus the plate tectonics shifting on the Haida Gwaii, I'll make a note that there was flooding in one of my hometowns (Wawa) that took out portions of the Trans-Canada Highway.


1. Mazzy Star: Mary of Silence (So Tonight That I Might See, 1993) Capitol
2. Michael Perkins: Murder by Phone (Mr 666, 2011) Ghost Arcade
3. Run-DMC: Peter Piper (Raising Hell, 1986) Profile
4. Run-DMC: Jam-Master Jay (Run-DMC, 1984) Profile
5. James Bernard & the Hammer City Orchestra: Harry Robinson's The Vampire Lovers [conductor: Philip Martell] (Hammer presents Dracula, 1994) BGO
6. Severed Heads: We Have Come to Bless the House (City Slab Horror, 1985) Ink
7. Holy Ghost!: I Wanted to Tell Her [w.Nancy Whang & Juan Maclean] (I Wanted to Tell Her, 2011) Green Label/DFA
8. The Gothic Archies: In a Cave (The New Despair, 1997) Merge
9. Silk Flowers: Shadows in Daylight (Silk Flowers, 2009) Post Present Medium
10. Digits: Prologue (In the City of the Dead, 2012) self-released
11. Glass Candy: Halloween (Body Work [forthcoming], 2011) Italians Do It Better
12. Young Smoke: Bass Pounder (Space Zone, 2012) Planet Mu
13. Horrid Red: Heavy Night of Eyes (Nightly Wreaths, 2012) Terrible
14. Pegase: Tears in the Rain (Demo, 2008) self-released
15. Teeth of the Sea: A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. (Your Mercury, 2010) Rocket Recordings
16. German Army: Cannibals Crawling (Porto de Corpo, 2012) Electric Voice
17. Alternate 1985: Passin' On in Our Continuous Levels (CGI Pants, 2010) Culture Dealer
18. Blue Hawaii: In Two, Pt. II (In Two single, 2012) Arbutus
19. Salem: Haffa (2008) self-released
20. Xeno & Oaklander: Blue Flower (Vigils, 2011) Wierd
21. David Cain: Spectres In The Wind (Out Of This World: Atmospheric Sounds And Effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, 2012) AudioGo/Discovery
22. John Crapenter: The Chief Passes Through (2012) self-released
23. Mitch Hedberg: Headless Horseman [excerpt] (Do You Believe in Gosh?, 2008) Comedy Central
24. John Carpenter: Lights Out (Halloween: 20th Anniversary OST, 1998) Var?se Sarabande
25. John Carpenter: Main Title to Halloween (Halloween OST, 1983) Var?se Sarabande
26. John Carpenter: Laurie's Theme (Halloween OST, 1983) Var?se Sarabande
27. John Carpenter: Michael Kills Judith (Halloween OST, 1983) Var?se Sarabande
28. John Carpenter: Loomis and Shape's Car (Halloween OST, 1983) Var?se Sarabande
29. John Carpenter: The Shape Stalks (Halloween OST, 1983) Var?se Sarabande