Radio Free GAK Episode October 8, 2012

XHM #136 - "You got your good thing" (2012 October 08)

7:29am - 9:02am

Thanksgiving in Canada means it's time for David Lynch and the sound design from Eraserhead, now rereleased on vinyl. Other likeminded music pervades. Happy Columbus Day, America! Why didn't you roast any turkey?
...oh yeah.

And the man in the planet pulls the first lever, playing:

1. The Pixies: In Heaven (Live in New York City: December 14, 2004) self-released
2. Moggi: Soundmaker Blues (Tra Scienza a Fantascienza, 1976) Omicron
3. Bruce McCulloch: Eraserhead (Shame-Based Man, 1995) Atlantic
4. Delia Derbyshire & Brian Hodgson: Gothic Submarines (The Tomorrow People: Original Television Music, 2006) Trunk
5. Robert Fripp & Brian Eno: The Heavenly Music Corporation (No Pussyfooting, 1973) Island
6. Les Hurdle: Offbeat (Pulse of Events, 1976) Themes International
7. Burial: Kindred (Kindred EP, 2012) Hyperdub
8. The Vampires of Dartmoore: Tanz der Vampire (Dracula's Music Cabinet, 1969) Metronome
9. Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse: Dark Night of the Soul [w.David Lynch] (Dark Night of the Soul, 2009) Parlophone/EMI
10. David Lynch: Pinky's Dream [w.Karen O] (Crazy Clown Time, 2011) Sunday Best
11. David Lynch: Ghost of Love (Inland Empire OST, 2011) self-released
12. George Fenton & Ken Freeman: Dream Machine (Handplayed by Robots, 1980) KPM
13. Peter Ivers: In Heaven [The Lady in the Radiator Song] (Eraserhead OST 7", 2012) Sacred Bones
14. Combustible Edison: Carnival of Souls (I, Swinger, 1994) Sub Pop
15. David Lynch & Alan R. Splet: Eraserhead, Part 1 [w/Fats Waller's "Digah Stomp", "Lenox Avenue Blues", "Stompin' the Bug" & "Messin' Around with the Blues"] (Eraserhead OST, 2012) Sacred Bones
16. Peter Ivers: Pete's Boogie (Eraserhead OST 7", 2012) Sacred Bones
17. Birchville Cat Motel: Gunpowder Temple of Heaven [excerpt] (Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, 2008) Pica Disk

Everything is fine.