Radio Free GAK Episode August 27, 2012

XHM CXXX - "O for flying rodent heroes overhead" (2012 August 27)

7:29am - 9:03am

Hans Zimmer's score to The Dark Knight Rises gets profiled, including a mournful epilogue after what happened in suburban Denver the night it premiered. There's also some ambient music, electronic mayhem and rip-snortin' guitars too.

1. Animal Collective: Father Time (Centipede Hz, 2012) Domino
2. Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard: Like a Dog Chasing Cars (The Dark Knight OST, 2008) Warner
3. Ladyhawk: You Read My Mind (No Can Do, 2012) Triple Crown
4. The Dexateens: Neil Armstrong (Hardware Healing, 2006) Skybucket
5. Yamantaka//Sonic Titan: Lamia (Adult Swim Singles Program, 2012) Williams Street
6. Perrey & Kingsley: Pioneers of the Stars (The Out Sound from Way In!, 1966) Vanguard
7. Charlotte Gainsbourg: Paradisco (Stage Whisper, 2011) Because
8. Shout Out Out Out Out: How Do I Maintain, Part 3 (Spanish Moss and Total Loss, 2012) Normals Welcome
9. Pure X: Pleasure (Pleasure, 2011) Ac?phale
10. Orbital: Beelzedub (Wonky, 2012) ACP
11. George Fenton & Ken Freeman: Electronic Kites (Handplayed by Robots, 1980) KPM
12. Loscil: Argonaut 1 (Submers, 2002) Kranky
13. Kyle Bobby Dunn: Dropping Sandwiches in Chester Lake (Ways of Meaning, 2011) Desire Path
14. Hans Zimmer: Silence+ (The Dark Knight Rises Z+, 2012) Reality Jockey
15. Dead Can Dance: Opium (Anastasis, 2012) PIAS
16. Hans Zimmer: A Storm is Coming (The Dark Knight Rises OST, 2012) Watertower
17. Hans Zimmer: On Thin Ice (The Dark Knight Rises OST, 2012) Watertower
18. Hans Zimmer: Gotham's Reckoning (The Dark Knight Rises OST, 2012) Watertower
19. Hans Zimmer: Mind If I Cut In? (The Dark Knight Rises OST, 2012) Watertower
20. Hans Zimmer: Rise (The Dark Knight Rises OST, 2012) Watertower
21. Hans Zimmer: Despair (The Dark Knight Rises OST, 2012) Watertower
22. Hans Zimmer: Aurora (Aurora single, 2012) Watertower
23. Carter Burwell: Now Denver is Lonesome for Her Heroes (Howl OST, 2010) Lakeshore
24. Denver: The Way It Is (Denver, 2012) Mama Bird Recording Co