Radio Free GAK Episode August 20, 2012

XHM #129 - "Mondo wrongo speedo" (2012 August 20)

7:30am - 9:03am

Mondo Cane appears in two forms: 1) Nino Oliviero & Riz Ortolani's 1962 film score and 2) Mike Patton's vintage Italian pop song covers. In addition to that, we have a look at Pussy Riot and feminist punk, an interview with Mike from the High Drops, some neo-soul (at the occasional correct speed) and other other rad music.

1. Riz Ortolani: Tiffany Sequence M.22 (Beat at Cinecitta - Music from Italian 60s & 70s Exploitation Cinema: Volume 1, 1967) Crippled Dick Hot Wax
2. Riz Ortolani: Azzurro e Nuvole (Mondo Candido OST, 1975) CBS
3. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Black Mold (Meat & Bone, 2012) Boombox/Mom & Pop
4. Lumerians: Black Tusk (Transmalinnia, 2011) Knitting Factory
5. Piero Umiliani: Oasi (Continente Nero, 1975) Omicron
6. Black Mountain: Breathe (Year Zero OST, 2012) Jagjaguwar
7. Milks and Rectangles: Boston Brahmin (Milks & Rectangles, 2012) self-released
8. Opossom: Blue Meanies (Electric Hawaii, 2012) Fire
9. Gianni Ferrio: Quando Mi Dici Cosi (Tony Arzenta: Big Guns OST, 1973) Easy Tempo
10. gak interviews The High Drops, from the Khatsalano Music Festival, July 2012
11. The High Drops: Street Girl (The High Drops EP, 2012) Under the Gun
12. Martin Denny: Hypnotique (Ultra-Lounge Volume 1: Mondo Exotica, 1996) Capitol
13. Pussy Riot: Putin Got Scared (Kill the Sexist, 2012) self-released
14. Peaches: Free Pussy Riot (Free Pussy Riot free single, 2012) self-released
15. Le Tigre: Get Off the Internet (From the Desk of Mr Lady EP, 2001) Mr Lady
16. Roger Roger Ensemble: House of Echoes (Afro Spooky Rhythm Percussion, 1972) Southern Library Of Recorded Music
17. Lee Fields: Bewildered (Bewildered 7", 1969) Bedford
18. The Ballantynes: Misery (Misery 7", 2012) La Ti Da
19. The Chantrelles: Ain't Nobody Home (Ain't Nobody Home 7", 2012) self-released
20. Lee Gagnon: C'est la Belle Fran?oise (Vive la Canadienne, 1976) Radio Canada
21. Marius Cultier: Nathalie (The Way, 1976) Magidisco
22. Lovage: Everyone Has a Summer (Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By, 2001) 75 Ark
23. Riz Ortolani: Oh My Love [solo orchestra] (Addio Zio Tom OST, 1972) GDM
24. Mike Patton: Deep Down (Mondo Cane, 2010) Ipecac
25. Mike Patton: L'Uomo Che Non Sapeva Amare (Mondo Cane, 2010) Ipecac
26. Riz Ortolani & Nino Oliviero: La Croisette (Women of the World OST, 1963) Decca
27. Nino Oliviero & Riz Ortolani: L'isola Maledetta (Mondo Cane OST, 2012) Sugar
28. Nino Oliviero & Riz Ortolani: Casa Della Morte (Mondo Cane OST, 2012) Sugar
29. Nino Oliviero & Riz Ortolani: I Pescatori di Ragjput/Gli Squali (Mondo Cane OST, 2012) Sugar
30. Nino Oliviero & Riz Ortolani: Ti Guarder? Nel Cuore [instrumental, aka "More"] (Mondo Cane OST, 2012) Sugar
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