Radio Free GAK Episode August 13, 2012

XHM #128 - "I parked my car underwater" (2012 August 13)

7:29am - 9:02am

With the recent passing of Marvin Hamlisch (1944-2012), we have two of his scores (The Informant! and The Spy Who Loved Me) among some of his other tunes. With more time, I could've done a bit more on his Broadway side, primarily A Chorus Line, then other scores like Ordinary People, Sophie's Choice and The Sting, but with news of some posthumous scores due soon, maybe a second future episode could work. I asked my brother to record The Entertainer on the piano so that could be ready for that episode too.

1. Radiohead: Nobody Does It Better (MTV bootleg?, 1995?)
2. Jes?s Vald?s y su Combo: Descarga de Kike (Jazz Nocturno Jazz, 1964) Areito
3. Peace: Your Hand in Mine (The World is Too Much With Us, 2012) Suicide Squeeze
4. The Luyas: Fifty Fifty (Animator, 2012) Dead Oceans
5. Zeus: Let It Go, Don't Let It Go (Busting Visions, 2012) Arts & Crafts
6. Larry Carlton: Don't You Care? (With a Little Help from My Friends, 1968) UNI
7. Grizzly Bear: Sleeping Ute (Shields, 2012) Warp
8. David Byrne & St Vincent: Who (Love This Giant, 2012) 4AD/Todomundo
9. The Grasshoppers: I am There (Next Stop... Soweto: Volume 2, 2010) Strut
10. gak: interview w/Bummer High (Live @ Khatsalano Music Festival, 2012) CITR
11. Bummer High: Cough Syrup (Lost Highway, 2012) Green Burrito
12. Jimi Hendrix: Cat Talkin' to Me [instrumental] (Get the Experience! bootleg, 1994) Invasion Unlimited
13. Wooden Shjips: Looking Out (West, 2011) Thrill Jockey
14. Delay Trees: Cassette 2012 (Delay Trees, 2010) Johanna Kustannus/Pyramid
15. William Gum-Boot & Lawrence Wiffin: Bucolic (Synthetic Music, 1978) Auvidis
16. Mean Red Spiders: Glass (Stars and Sons, 2000) Teenage USA
17. Lesley Gore: Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows (Lesley Gore Sings of Mixed-Up Hearts, 1963) Mercury
18. Marvin Hamlisch: Meet Mark (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
19. Marvin Hamlisch: Polygraph (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
20. Marvin Hamlisch: Trust Me [instrumental] (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
21. Marvin Hamlisch: Sellout (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
22. Marvin Hamlisch: The Informant [solo piano] (The Informant! OST, 2009) New Line
23. Gilda Radner: Lisa Loopner's Recital - "The Way We Were" (Live from New York, 1980) Warner Bros
24. Marvin Hamlisch: Bond 77 (The Spy Who Loved Me OST, 1977) EMI
25. Marvin Hamlisch: Ride to Atlantis (The Spy Who Loved Me OST, 1977) EMI
26. Marvin Hamlisch: Tanker (The Spy Who Loved Me OST, 1977) EMI
27. Marvin Hamlisch: Nobody Does It Better [instrumental] (The Spy Who Loved Me OST, 1977) EMI
28. Sex Mob: Nobody Does It Better (Sex Mob Does Bond, 2001) Ropeadope
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