Radio Free GAK Episode August 6, 2012

XHM #127 - "Zaftig pfennig" (2012 August 06)

7:34am - 9:06am

The Pacific Cin?math?que has a festival on German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder, so we have some of Peer Raben's music from a handful of RWF's films. Also includes Onra, Olivia Tremor Control [RIP Bill Doss] and an interview w/Aaron Read. Summer actually happened this long weekend. I'm still in shock; everywhere else had it in March, we get it in August. This better stick around for a long time.

Pacific Cin?math?que: 1131 Howe Street
Their page regarding RWF:

1. Public Enemy: I Shall Not Be Moved (Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamp, 2012) Slam Jamz
2. Jeremy Steig: Howlin' for Judy (Legwork, 1969) Solid State
3. The Chemical Brothers: Theme for Velodrome [radio edit] (Theme for Velodrome single, 2012) Universal
4. Kraftwerk: Tour de France 2003 [version 3] (Tour de France 2003 single, 2003) Kling Klang/Astralwerks
5. SBTRKT: Golddigger ({Unclassified}, 2011) Adult Swim
6. Onra: Disco (1.0.8, 2009) Bo Bun
7. Onra: Hold Tight (Deep In The Night EP, 2012) Fool's Gold
8. D?m-Funk: Inside of U (InnaFocusedDaze EP, 2011) Stones Throw
9. Onra: Jeeps (Long Distance, 2010) All City
10. Capitol 6: Cold Ride (Pretty Lost, 2012) Light Organ
11. Stereolab: Rainbo Conversation (Dots and Loops, 1997) Elektra/Duophonic
12. James Taylor Quartet: Pacific Highway (Cinematic Funk, 2009) Mocambo
13. The Olivia Tremor Control: Jumping Fences (Music from the Unrealized Film Script 'Dusk at Cubist Castle', 1996) Flydaddy
14. The Olivia Tremor Control: I'm Not Feeling Human (Those Sessions EP, 1997) self-released
15. The Olivia Tremor Control: Hideway (Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume One, 1999) Flydaddy
16. Robert Drasnin: Warm Night Wind (Voodoo, 1960) Tops/Dionsys
17. Micatone: Asian Man (Wish I Was Here, 2012) Sonar Kollektiv
18. gak: interview w/Aaron Read (Live @ Khatsalano Music Festival, 2012) CITR
19. Aaron Read: Bledhead (Bubble Skulls, 2011) self-released
20. Michel Magne: Furia a Bahia (OSS 117, 2004) Universal France
21. Heavenly Beat: Desire (Suday 7", 2011) Captured Tracks
22. Maria Minerva: The Sound (Will Happiness Find Me?, 2012) Not Not Fun
23. John Schroeder: Theme from The Burglars (Gangster Movie Vibrations, 1972) Polydor
24. Soul Coughing: Adolpha Zantziger (Circles 7", 1998) Slash
25. Le Chevalier: Lully Loure (Dancer, 2011) self-released
26. Peer Raben & David Ambach: Franz Biberkopf's Theme [from Berlin Alexanderplatz] (The Music from Rainer Werner Fassbinder Films, 1997) Milan
27. Peer Raben: Frankfurt Overture [from Mother K?sters Goes to Heaven] (The Music from Rainer Werner Fassbinder Films, 1997) Milan
28. Peer Raben: Serenade [from Satan's Brew] (The Music from Rainer Werner Fassbinder Films, 1997) Milan
29. Peer Raben: Funeral Music [from Gods Of The Plague] (The Music from Rainer Werner Fassbinder Films, 1997) Milan
30. Peer Raben & David Ambach: Serenade Out Of Tune [from Lola] (The Music from Rainer Werner Fassbinder Films, 1997) Milan
31. Peer Raben & David Ambach: The Tears Of The Lady [from Querelle] (The Music from Rainer Werner Fassbinder Films, 1997) Milan
32. The Asteroid Galaxy Tour: The Golden Age (Fruit, 2009) Small Giants
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