Radio Free GAK Episode July 16, 2012

XHM #124 - "Buttermilk junction" (2012 July 16)

7:30am - 9:01am

This episode is for the kids, no matter how sweet, snarky, snotty, snappy, silly and swinging they be. There's well over forty(?) songs on this podcast, so I'll be quiet up here.

1. Florence + the Machine: Dog Days are Over (Lungs, 2009) Island
2. Joseph Barbera & William Hanna: Magilla Gorilla Underscore (Pic-A-Nic Basket Cartoon Classics, 1995) Kid Rhino
3. DJ Food & The Pointer Sisters: Pinball Number Count (Pinball Number Count 12", 2003) Ninja Tune
4. Boba Fettucini: Hello Friends/123 Robot Friends/Biz's Beat of the Day & More (Yo Gabba Gabba Breaks LP, 2011) Mon Mothma
5. Ratatat: Party with Children (LP4, 2010) XL
6. Hot Hot Heat: Time to Go Outdoors (Yo Gabba Gabba Music is Awesome! Volume 2, 2010) Filter
7. Tom Waits: Children's Story (Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, 2006) Anti-
8. Unknown Inuit DJ: You are My Sunshine (She Be She Strike, 1982) independent
9. The Scaffold: Lily the Pink (Hello Children Everywhere, 1968) EMI
10. Max Bygraves: You're a Pink Toothbrush (Hello Children Everywhere, 1969) EMI
11. Joseph Barbera & William Hanna: Quick Draw McGraw Underscore (Pic-A-Nic Basket Cartoon Classics, 1995) Kid Rhino
12. Leroy Shield: The Good Old Days [The Little Rascals Theme] (Television's Greatest Hits of the '50s and '60s, 1930) TVT
13. Burl Ives: Fooba Wooba John (Fantastic Mr Fox OST, 2009) ABKCO
14. The Choir of Downside School in Purley: Songs from "Friday Afternoons" - Cuckoo! (Moonrise Kingdom OST, 2012) ABKCO
15. Tex Ritter: Big Rock Candy Mountain (Hello Children Everywhere, 1947) EMI
16. Ted Atking & Alain Feanch: Childrens Carnival (Electronic Toys: A Retrospective of '70s Synthesizer Music, 1996) QDK
17. Nathan: Compound Eyes (Somebody Needs a Timeout, 2002) Campfire
18. Hey Ocean! Bicycle (IS, 2012) self-released
19. Kid Koala & Lederhosen Lucil: Fruit Belt (See You on the Moon, 2006) Paperbag
20. Apostle of Hustle: 24 Robbers (See You on the Moon, 2006) Paperbag
21. Hoyt Curtin, Joseph Barbera & William Hanna: Augie Doggie Underscore (Pic-A-Nic Basket Cartoon Classics, 1995) Kid Rhino
22. Mrs Belaire's 2nd grade class of 1990, Ottawa Elementary School, Buchanan, Michigan: Particle Man (Then: The Earlier Years, 1997) Restless
23. They Might Be Giants: Space Suit (Apollo 18, 1992) Elektra
24. They Might Be Giants: Where Do They Make Balloons? [w.Danny Weinkauf] (No!, 2002) Idlewild/Rounder
25. They Might Be Giants: Go for G! (Here Come the ABCs, 2004) Idlewild/Disney
26. Joseph Barbera & William Hanna: Snooper Blabber Underscore (Pic-A-Nic Basket Cartoon Classics, 1995) Kid Rhino
27. Theme from Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
28. James L Venable: The Story of the Past (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
29. James L Venable: Aku Battle (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
30. James L Venable: Jack Does Some Chopping (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
31. James L Venable: Egypt, Greece, England (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
32. James L Venable: Mongolia to China (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
33. James L Venable: Tibet Where Jack Ends (Samurai Jack OST, 2002) bootleg
34. Juan Erlando & his Latin Band: Jungle Baby (Music for Dancefloors: The Cream of the KPM Music Green Library, 2000) Strut
35. Space Ghost: The Cartoon Planet Story (Musical Bar-B-Que, 1997) Rhino
36. Space Ghost: Hero in His Own Mind, Pt 1 (Musical Bar-B-Que, 1997) Rhino
37. Brak: Soup on a Stick (Brak presents The Brak Show starring Brak, 2000) Rhino
38. Space Ghost: Something That Rhymes with Bones (Surf & Turf, 1998) Rhino
39. Brak: What Day is It (Musical Bar-B-Que, 1997) Rhino
40. Brak: Can't Stop Laughing (Surf & Turf, 1998) Rhino
41. Brak: School Daze - Toothbrush (Surf & Turf, 1998) Rhino
42. The Neil Cowley Trio: Pinball Number Count [jazz version] (Sesame Beat, 2012) bootleg
43. Brak: Bye-bye, Goodbye, Goodbye Everybody (Musical Bar-B-Que, 1997) Rhino
44. Duplex: Figure 8 [excerpt, like beyond short] (Ablum, 2005) Mint