Radio Free GAK Episode July 2, 2012

XHM #122 - "Batting .000 or infinity" (2012 July 02)

7:30am - 9:03am

For this Canadian long weekend, Michael Brook's score to the baseball film Sugar gets profiled. Hip hop, Neil Young covers and droning covers the other bases (ha). For the record, Vancouver is hording all the cold grey clouds with the precious water everyone else needs. We apparently don't want our craptastic spring to ever end.

O the glorious tunes presented:

1. Radio Station WWV: Leap Second Notice [June 30, 1992] (At the Tone: A Little History of NIST Radio Stations WWV & WWVH, 2008) Obscure Disk
2. Count Basie Orchestra & Taps Miller: Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball? (Shoutin' Blues, 1949) RCA/Victor
3. Trevor Bastow: Rundown (Way Ahead, 1979) Bruton
4. Trevor Bastow: Disco Data Link 1 (Way Ahead, 1979) Bruton
5. Chromatics: Into the Black (Kill for Love, 2012) Italians Do It Better
6. Patti Smith: After the Gold Rush (Banga, 2012) Columbia
7. Trevor Bastow: Scenic Route (Way Ahead, 1979) Bruton
8. Icons of Andria: The Universal Way (The Universal Way, 2012) self-released
9. Suuns: Sweet Nothing (Zeroes QC, 2010) Secretly Canadian
10. Trevor Bastow: Happy Heart (Way Ahead, 1979) Bruton
11. Clinic: Evelyn (Bubblegum, 2010) Domino
12. The Detroit Executives: Cool Off (Once Upon a Time in Wigan: Volume 2, 1968) BBE
13. David Gold: Let's Get Success (Way Ahead, 1979) Bruton
14. ESG: Dance (Come Away with ESG, 1983) 99
15. Maestro Fresh-Wes: On the Jazz Tip (The Black Tie Affair, 1991) Attic
16. The Beastie Boys: Peanut Butter and Jelly (Body Movin' single, 1998) Capitol
17. The Pharcyde: Passin' Me By (Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde, 1992) Delicious Vinyl
18. The Slakadeliqs: Perfect Summer Night [w.Tingsek] (The Other Side of Tomorrow, 2012) Do Right Music
19. Soulwax: Dance 2 Slow (Any Minute Now, 2004) PIAS
20. Cadence Weapon: Conditioning (Hope in Dirt City, 2012) Upper Class
21. Wordburglar: Maxi Single (Rhyme o'Clock EP, 2012) URBNET/self-released
22. Stefano Torossi: Flying High (Feelings, 1974) Conroy
23. Cibo Matto: Sugar Water (Viva! La Woman, 1996) Warner Bros
24. Sandro Brugnolini: Balenottera (Flipper Psychout, 1970) Vampi Soul
25. Michael Brook: sug1sc1 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
26. Michael Brook: sug3sc3 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
27. Michael Brook: sug4sc4 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
28. Michael Brook: sug4sc5 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
29. Michael Brook: sug4sc6part1 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
30. Michael Brook: sug4sc6part2 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
31. Michael Brook: sug5sc8 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
32. Michael Brook: sug5sc10 (Sugar OST, 2008) The Bicycle Music Company
33. Roxy Music: Love is the Drug (Siren, 1975) Island/Atco

I miss the summer heat.
Tumblr -- I'M SLOW

Happy birthday, country.