Radio Free GAK Episode June 25, 2012

XHM #121 - "Only you can prevent scouting! We need forest fires more than ever!" (2012 June 25)

7:31am - 9:02am

With Wes Anderson's latest film Moonrise Kingdom out, it's a chance to profile Alexandre Desplat's score amongst other cues. Plenty of guitars through various machines throughout the rest of the showza. Biked straight from work for a programmer's meeting and then off the studio to broadcast this, hence the somewhat raspy voice. And I only "moonshine" maybe once...accidentally.

These are your summertime startworthy selections:

1. Dum Dum Girls: Bedroom Eyes (Only in Dreams, 2011) Sub Pop
2. Bill le Sage & Tony Kinsey: Consumer Goods (Vibraphone Jazz Quartet, 1971) KPM
3. Zeus: Anything You Want Dear (Busting Visions, 2012) Arts & Crafts
4. Tashaki Miyaki: Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings mp3, 2012) self-released/Bandcamp
5. Bill le Sage & Tony Kinsey: Air for Vibraphone (Vibraphone Jazz Quartet, 1971) KPM
6. Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra: I've Been Down So Long [It looks like up to me] (Nancy & Lee, 1968) Reprise
7. Betty Wright: Circle of Heartache (My First Time Around, 1968) ATCO
8. Bill le Sage & Tony Kinsey: Day by Day (Vibraphone Jazz Quartet, 1971) KPM
9. Sonny & the Sunsets: I See the Void (Longtime Companion, 2012) Polyvinyl
10. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: Ben Hur Picked Off in a Gazebo (Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham, 1991) Cargo/Jetpac
11. The Jonesbirds: 2012 [demo] (The Jonesbirds, 2011) self-released/Bandcamp
12. No Joy: Junior (Negaverse EP, 2012) Mexican Summer
13. Bill le Sage & Tony Kinsey: Market Research (Vibraphone Jazz Quartet, 1971) KPM
14. PS I Love You: Sentimental Dishes (Death Dreams, 2012) Paper Bag
15. Black Mountain: Wilderness Heart (Wilderness Heart, 2010) Jagjaguwar
16. Bill le Sage & Tony Kinsey: Light Manufacturing (Vibraphone Jazz Quartet, 1971) KPM
17. Gardens & Villa: Spacetime (Gardens & Villa, 2011) Secretly Canadian
18. DIIV: Sometime (Oshin, 2012) Captured Tracks
19. Bill le Sage & Tony Kinsey: Douglas Dilemma (Vibraphone Jazz Quartet, 1971) KPM
20. Sleep-Over: Romantic Streams (Forever, 2011) Hippos in Tanks
21. Sensual Harassment: Fever (Alpha Draconis EP, 2010) self-released
22. Bill le Sage & Tony Kinsey: Vibes in Waltz Time (Vibraphone Jazz Quartet, 1971) KPM
23. Kid Koala: More Dance Music (Some of My Best Friends are DJs, 2003) Ninja Tune
24. Panda Bear: Ponytail (Person Pitch, 2007) Paw Tracks
25. Alexandre Desplat: Boggis, Bunce and Bean (The Fantastic Mr Fox OST, 2009) ABKCO
26. Fran?oise Hardy: Le Temps de l'Amour (Moonrise Kingdom OST, 2012) ABKCO
27. English Chamber Orchestra: Benjamin Britten's Simple Symphony - Opus 4, Movement 2 "Playful Pizzicato" (Moonrise Kingdom OST, 2012) ABKCO
28. Peter Jarvis and his Drum Corps: Camp Ivanhoe Cadence Melody (Moonrise Kingdom OST, 2012) ABKCO
29. Hank Williams: Kaw-Liga (Moonrise Kingdom OST, 2012) ABKCO
30. Alexandra R?bner: An Die Musik (Moonrise Kingdom OST, 2012) ABKCO
31. Alexandre Desplat: The Heroic Weather-Conditions of the Universe, Part 1 "A Veiled Mist" (Moonrise Kingdom OST, 2012) ABKCO
32. Alexandre Desplat: The Heroic Weather-Conditions of the Universe, Parts 4-6 "Thunder, Lightning, and Rain" (Moonrise Kingdom OST, 2012) ABKCO
33. Lee Gagnon: Un Canadien Errant (Vive la Canadienne, 1976) Radio Canada International
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