Radio Free GAK Episode June 4, 2012

XHM #118 - "The drowsiest manner of medicine show" (2012 June 04)

7:23am - 9:05am

From this dislocated soul comes this scattershot show, tributing the very much alive Night Tripper Dr John, the very possibly done Ween and a few other sorts in this oddball transmission. Pardon any confusion at the beginning as engineer Chris was adding some wonderful computer magic via his channels. Expect digital madness soon.

Show goes-a like this:

1. Jerry Livingston & Mack David: Bourbon Street Beat (Television's Greatest Hits: Volume 4, 1959) TVT
2. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Right Place, Wrong Time (Scream 2 OST, 1997) Capitol
3. Max Greger & His Orchestra: Big Train (Inflight Entertainment, 1996) Deram
4. Beachwood Sparks: Forget the Song (The Tarnished Gold, 2012) Sub Pop
5. Jack White: Blunderbuss (Blunderbuss, 2012) Third Man/XL
6. Juan García Esquivel: El Manisero/The Peanut Vendor (See It in Sound, 1960) BMG
7. Ween: Freedom of '76 (Chocolate and Cheese, 1994) Elektra
8. Ween: Ocean Man (The Mollusk, 1997) Elektra
9. Ween: Ice Castles (White Pepper, 2000) Elektra/Mushroom
10. Keepaway: Yellow Wings (Baby Style EP, 2010) Lefse
11. Rangers: Deerfield Village (Suburban Tours, 2010) Olde English Spelling Bee
12. Free Blood: Never Hear Surf Music Again (127 Hours OST, 2008) Interscope
13. Robert Israel: Theme from Family Feud (1976)
14. Jay Arner: Broken Glass (forthcoming album, 2012)
15. Bleating Hearts: The Partisan (The Bard of Montreal, 2012) Herohill
16. Gold Panda: 4 ([just a humble MP3 on Soundcloud], 2012) self-released
17. Heino Jürisalu: Orjakivi (Teeme Muusikat 3, 1977) Meloodia
18. Grimes: Circumambient (Visions, 2012) 4AD/Arbutus
19. Michael Boyd & Gary Remal Malkin: Theme from Unsolved Mysteries (Television's Greatest Hits Volume 7: Cable Ready, 1987) TVT
20. El-P: Drones Over Bklyn (Cancer 4 Cure, 2012) Fat Possum
21. MED: Too Late (Classic, 2011) Stones Throw
22. Main Attrakionz: Perfect Skies (808s & Dark Grapes II, 2011) Mishka
23. Maceo & the Macks: Cross the Tracks [We better go back] (Snatch OST, 1975) TVT
24. Alan Silvestri: In the Beginning [w.Eugene McDaniels] (The Mack OST, 1983) ALA
25. Funk Factory: Rien Ne Va Plus (Funk Factory, 1975) Atco
26. Machuca Cumbia: More Than a Woman (Cumbia de los Bee Gees 7", 1975) Aries
27. Dr John: Revolution (Locked Down, 2012) Nonesuch
28. Dr John: Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya (Gris-Gris, 1968) Atco
29. Piero Umiliani: Panoramica [The Cinematic Orchestra remix] (Cinematic Orchestra Remixes: 1998-2000, 2000)
30. Dr John: Right Place, Wrong Time (In the Right Place, 1973) Atco
There's other broken stuff about that will get attended to.