Radio Free GAK Episode May 14, 2012

XHM #115 - "You can take the trout out of Langley but you can't. Really you can't, there are laws in this here society" (2012 May 14)

7:32am - 9:03am

For this exceptionally hot spring day, longer songs with electrons firing for fun. No major cinematic theme though sinisterly upbeat is the order this week. Seriously; tell me it's sunny and warm and you're outside reading these words.


1. Gavin Friday: Able (catholic, 2011) Rubyworks
2. Xander Harris: Opening Credits (Urban Gothic, 2011) Not Not Fun
3. Gorillaz: DoYaThing [w.James Murphy & Andre 3000, full length version] (Do Ya Thing 10", 2012) Converse
4. Deadmau5: Just Before 8bit (Project 56, 2008) self-released
5. The Chemical Brothers: Swoon [Lindstr?m & Prins Thomas remix] (Swoon promo, 2010) Astralwerks
6. Deadmau5: Don't Give Me Tapes (Project 56, 2008) self-released
7. Deadmau5: Wish You Were There (Project 56, 2008) self-released
8. The Juan Maclean: A Human Disaster [House of House remix] (Scion A/V Remix Project, 2009) DFA
9. Mean Red Spiders: G1 (Places You Call Home, 1998) Teenage USA
10. Role Mach: Orffesque Two (Orffesques and Fugues, 2009) self-released
11. Burial: Ashtray Wasp (Kindred EP, 2012) Hyperdub
12. Juan Carlos Calder?n: Resaca (Groovy Volume 2: A Collection of a Rare Jazzy Club Tracks, 1974) Irma
13. Squarepusher: Dark Steering (Ufabulum, 2012) Warp
14. John Baker: Brio (The Radiophonic Workshop, 1975) BBC
15. The Field: Is This Power (Looping State of Mind, 2011) Kompakt
16. They Might Be Giants: Wake Up Call (No!, 2002) Idlewild
17. Sigur R?s: Var?? (Valtari, 2012) XL
18. CFCF: Exercise 4 [Spirit] (Exercises EP, 2012) Paper Bag
19. Philadelphia Orchestra: Debussy's Claire de Lune (Ocean's 11 OST, 2001) Warner Sunset
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