Radio Free GAK Episode May 7, 2012

XHM #114 - "Who will now have a beard like a billy goat?" (2012 May 07)

7:20am - 9:03am

RIP MCA (1964-2012). Most of the show covers the Beastie Boys over the years in tribute to Adam Yauch. Then we have John Schroeder. The audio gets wacky in many ways. Gavin says the Green Street music comes from an old television show. My work continues, unless you know who originally wrote the music behind the Mix Master Mike sample?

And we get some early tomfoolery on my part on the show before. Eeeeeeee!

Hello Brooklyn!

1. Beastie Boys: The Blue Nun (Check Your Head, 1992) Capitol
2. Roger Molls: The Opening (The Man with Dusty Fingers, 2011) self-released
3. Reuben Wilson: Brass Monkey (Boogaloo to the Beastie Boys, 2004) Scufflin' Records
4. Beastie Boys: Cooky Puss (Cooky Puss EP, 1983) Rat Cage
5. Beastie Boys: No Sleep till Brooklyn (Licensed to Ill, 1986) Def Jam/Columbia
6. Beastie Boys: A Year and a Day (Paul's Boutique, 1989) Capitol
7. Beastie Boys: Shambala (Ill Communication, 1994) Capitol
8. Beastie Boys: Something's Got to Give (Check Your Head, 1992) Capitol
9. Beastie Boys: Stand Together (Check Your Head, 1992) Capitol
10. Beastie Boys: Bobo on the Corner (Ill Communication, 1994) Capitol
11. Beastie Boys: Bodhisattva Vow (Ill Communication, 1994) Capitol
12. Beastie Boys: I Don't Know (Hello Nasty, 1998) Capitol
13. Beastie Boys: Futterman's Rule (Ill Communication, 1994) Capitol
14. Mix Master Mike: Green Street Intro/Green Street Beat (Beastie Boy Breaks, 2003) bootleg
15. Beastie Boys: Rock Hard (Rock Hard 12" [deleted], 1985) Def Jam
16. Beastie Boys: Egg Raid on Mojo [Live on "Noise the Show" Radio] (Some Old Bullshit, 1994) Columbia
17. Beastie Boys: Ask for Janice (Paul's Boutique, 1989) Capitol
18. Beastie Boys: Hey Ladies (Paul's Boutique, 1989) Capitol
19. Beastie Boys: Groove Holmes (Check Your Head, 1992) Capitol
20. Beastie Boys: Gratitude (Check Your Head, 1992) Capitol
21. Beastie Boys: Sure Shot (Ill Communication, 1994) Capitol
22. Beastie Boys: Song for Junior (Hello Nasty, 1998) Capitol
23. Beastie Boys: Triple Trouble (To the 5 Boroughs, 2004) Capitol
24. Beastie Boys: B for My Name (The Mix-Up, 2007) Capitol
25. Beastie Boys: Lee Majors Come Again (Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, 2011) Capitol
26. Beastie Boys: 14th Street Break (The Mix-Up, 2007) Capitol
27. John Schroeder Orchestra: The Virgin Soldiers March (The Easy Project II: House of Loungecore, 1996) Sequel
28. John Schroeder: Paramaribo (Inflight Entertainment, 1996) Deram
29. John Schroeder: Explosive Corrosive Joseph (Ocean's 12 OST, 2004) Warner Bros
30. John Schroeder: Theme from The Godfather (Gangster Movie Vibrations, 1974) Polydor
31. John Schroeder: Blowin' Your Mind (Gangster Movie Vibrations, 1974) Polydor
32. John Schroeder: Cafe Reggio (Gangster Movie Vibrations, 1974) Polydor
33. Beastie Boys: Namast? (Check Your Head, 1992) Capitol

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