Radio Free GAK Episode March 5, 2012

XHM CV - "A reliquary of pugilism" (2012 March 05)

7:35am - 9:04am

The Dust Brothers and their score for the cult film Fight Club anchors this pre-recorded show that implies someone aging. Hopefully this show aired whilst I was on the island.

1. They Might Be Giants: Older (Long Tall Weekend, 1999) eMusic
2. WG "Snuffy" Walden: Theme from Thirtysomething (Television's Greatest Hits, Volume 7: Cable Ready, 1987) TVT
3. John Oswald: Bday (69 Plunderphonics 96, 2001) Fony/Seeland
4. Apollo Ghosts: Ultra Kool (Money Has No Heart 7", 2011) Geographing
5. Les Sexy: Fables (Les Sexy, 2011) Transistor 66
6. Young Circles: 2012 (Jungle Habits, 2011) self-released
7. Deerhoof vs Kasai Allstars: Travels Broaden the Mind (Tradi-Mods vs Rockers: Alternative Takes on Congotronics, 2010) Crammed Disks
8. ChuCha Santamaria y Usted: Fiebre Tropical (ChuCha Santamaria y Usted, 2011) Young Cubs
9. Memoryhouse: Walk With Me (The Slideshow Effect, 2012) Sub Pop
10. Guido: Way You Make Me Feel (Orchestral Lab 12", 2009) Punch Drunk
11. DJ Shadow: Def Surrounds Us (The Less You Know, The Better, 2011) Verve
12. Bruce Haack: Party Machine (Haackula, 1978) Omni Recording
13. James Taylor Quartet: Hitback (Cinematic Funk, 2009) Mocambo
14. Crystal Castles: Suffocation [HEALTH remix] (II: Remixes, 2012) self-released
15. Onra: High Hopes [w.Reggie B] (Long Distance, 2010) All City
16. Bonobo: 1009 (Black Sands, 2010) Ninja Tune
17. The Square Root of Evil: Dwarfunt (Killerbytes, 2008) Xynthetic
18. Plug: Come On My Skeleton (Back on Time, 2011) Ninja Tune
19. The Advisory Circle: Everyday Hazards (As the Crow Flies, 2011) Ghost Box
20. The Beastie Boys: Shake Your Rump (Paul's Boutique, 1989) Capitol
21. Beck: Sissyneck (Odelay, 1996) DGC
22. Jean-Pierre Decerf & Myriam Chadcar: Panoramic (Synthetic Music, 1978) Auvidis
23. The Dust Brothers: Stealing Fat (Fight Club OST, 1999) Restless
24. The Dust Brothers: Corporate World (Fight Club OST, 1999) Restless
25. The Dust Brothers: Jack's Smirking Revenge (Fight Club OST, 1999) Restless
26. The Dust Brothers: Marla (Fight Club OST, 1999) Restless
27. The Dust Brothers: Space Monkeys (Fight Club OST, 1999) Restless
28. Pixies: Where Is My Mind? (Surfer Rosa, 1988) 4AD
29. Nine Inch Nails: 36 Ghosts IV (Ghosts I-IV, 2008) The Null Corporation
30. The Planet Smashers: Surfin' in Tofino (Life of the Party, 1999) Stomp/Moon
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